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As our guest today at. Why don't you go first and Offer US your obiter DICTA for this episode of X. Very Much Robert Again. I just want to thank you for having me. I've been talking to Hillary about getting on the show for a while and I'm I'm I'm glad I finally found an exclusive particularly in these times. It's nice to have a human contact legal subjects as opposed to other perhaps Less HAPPY MATTERS. But my obiter free focuses. I've been very fortunate in that. My employers are Publican and I have no worries about my paycheck being cut off. I know many many Canadians currently and Cova da in the covert nineteen environment are not nearly as lucky and you. The reality is as being home a so much. I was doing my budget the other day and the reality is is. I'm not spending as much money on going out to the bar or other activities which is sad for my life but I what I wanted to encourage people to do is if you are fortunate enough to to be at home and still drawing your full salary and and not having to worry about the vagaries of Your Employment Situation Food banks in a number of cities are struggling. They're struggling because of the limits on their operations because of lockdowns and restrictions. I know in in Toronto. The Daily Bread Food Bank is continuing to do its work and so my nonbinding recommendation is if you are fortunate enough to be at home and not worrying about these struggles. Maybe a chip in a little of that money. That would have gone to the to the daily Coffee Ron or to the bar restaurants and support the food banks because you see some of the unemployment application numbers coming food. Banks are going to be busier than ever. And I think are those of us who are lucky enough in this particular pandemic to be at home and and not have any of those anxieties about About rent or mortgage or whatnot. I think we have to do our bit even though we can only do it from home pouring some of those extra dollars that we don't need for the bar. The restaurant to the food banks is is a smart use of that money. And I've been doing that every week and I. I would encourage everyone if they can to do so. I think it would be a big help to our communities that that is an excellent and laudable recommendation non-binding though it may be thank you for that David Hillary. What what is your opener for this week? I'm just laughing to myself because it's not the first time where someone has gone immediately before me with their really altruistic selfless unlovely obiter and then I do something like completely you know silly and mundane but there you have it. That's just the luck of the draw I totally echo. David says sentiment but My obiter is in relation to two ways to spend your evening. If you're looking for something to watch. I know a lot of people have more screen time these days so there is a CBC documentary based on the Oland murders in In New Brunswick and this is a story that was big in the news in New Brunswick for the many many years over which the story unfolded so Oland. Dick owned Richard..

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