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Is super stealth and it's got all these awesome safety features inside of it which is really important to me because nine times at a ten i'm driving around with my son who's three i love this car see dealer for details well the full court reversed itself yesterday and that means that pevec can raise the issue again before the oklahoma court of criminal appeals another day of testimony in the state's opioid trial underway norman here's jacqueline scott the trial is the nation's first major civil case over the opioid crisis the state accuses johnson and johnson of deceptively marketing painkillers and oklahoma and downplaying the risks of addiction johnson and johnson started its case yesterday the retired head of the company's medical affairs group testified that the f._d._a. concluded that the benefits of johnson and johnson's jury fitna patch and set opioid tablets outweighed the risks for properly selected patient a man was shot and killed yesterday in tulsa after leading a highway patrol trooper assigned u._s. marshals task force on pursuit the trooper tried to stop william martin but martin drove off and eventually crashed his pickup truck into a backyard and according to u._s. marshals martin tried to run over officers and shots were fired and he died at the scene police now say missing university of utah student mackenzie luek was murdered salt lake city police chief mike brown said murder and kidnapping charges have been filed against a male suspect and that suspect is being identified as a ula aja luek went missing june seventeenth after a lift driver dropped her off at a park in north salt lake in the middle of the night the ashes of oklahoma astronaut or now in orbit bill pogue died five years ago at the age of eighty four earlier this week his ashes were put on boorda's space rocket along with the ashes of one hundred fifty other people and launched as part of celestis memorial spaceflight the craft will orbit the earth for twenty five years pogue was born in oklahoma he was pilot of the last skylab crew and from the katie okay weather center and the four warn storm team sunny today a high of ninety to a low tonight of seventy one sunny very hot on saturday.

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