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But hill was wrong he eventually found the court order to destroy the knife in past that along to slow sr the order was in general at all dated february fourth twenty five the documents states plainly it is ordered that the campbell county sheriff's department shell destroyed the knife that was used as evidence in the above caption case it was signed by judge leonard l capacity this order is tough to understand three knives were collected in the wreath a welsh case but only one was destroyed the one belonging to a man that the defence highlighted as an alternate suspect why did law enforcement go out of its way to destroy this one knife when i first heard slow sarin court talking about police framing william virgil i winced i've covered some questionable police were during my reporting career but it's usually been sloppy or lazy at worst not malicious i still don't know what happened in virgils case but after reporting this case for nearly a year i don't blame slow surfer using the f word that's framed not the other one the reason i get it is because of the time line retha died in 1987 virgil was convicted in eighty eight in ninety one he confirmed that joe womack had perjured himself in two thousand four the state appellate court ruled that perjury didn't matter virgil and his lawyers had raised isaac rubs as an alternate theory in the filings that reached the appellate court and then immediately after that decision came down police moved to destroy the one piece of evidence that could have.

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