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Read on NewsRadio ten eighty, KRLD, family. And friends of Senator John McCain preparing for this afternoon's private burial at the Naval academy in Annapolis Maryland CBS news correspondent Steve Futterman says like all of the public remembrances. Each detail was planned by McCain in this case years in advance showing McCain will be laid to rest exactly where. He wanted at the naval academy in the Napoli's next to an old, navy pal Chuck Lawson McCain and Larsen plan. This years ago the burial site at the. Academy cemetery is a. Picturesque location overlooking a, river there will, be a ceremony before, the burial both events will be private former. President Barack Obama pay tribute to his. One time political rival yesterday delivering a eulogy for the late Arizona Senator Obama said we come to celebrate an. Extraordinary man a warrior a statesman a patriot, who embodied show much of the best that is America Obama. Spoke after president pro former President George W. Bush another, former McCain opponent. Obama set. Of McCain he made us better presidents the former president noted McCain was, a conservative lawmaker but said he did understood Banned some principals transcend politics. That some values transcend party as. The nation's capital was focused on, a farewell to John McCain President Trump was tweeting about North American trade yesterday in early morning and again in Orleans Mr. Trump blasted, US-Canadian trade, relations, after amistad line. For a new, trade deal with Canada Mr. Trump claimed he loves it but. Added they've taken. Advantage of our country for many years he. Insisted congress not interfere at, ongoing negotiations threatening insert to singlehandedly end the current North, American trade agreement CBS's Tom Foty the Pentagon is cutting millions in aid, to Pakistan because they haven't done enough, to fight, terrorism Larry. Miller reports from the foreign gone plans to withdraw three hundred million. Dollars in aid to Pakistan accusing it, of not taking decisive action to crack down on militants and. The failure to support America. South Asia strategy that cut an aid needs congressional, approval Pakistan says it's lost Thousands of lives fighting home-grown militants however the US accuses it of collaborating with groups including the Taliban which, crossed the border to attack Afghantistan Larry Miller CBS news five of the eight victims of the. Head on crash between a greyhound bus and a tractor trailer on I forty in New Mexico have, been identified it comes as federal investigators ramp up examination of the truck's front tires they're being sent, to Washington for more testing officials are looking. Deeper to. Have information for blood Purposes Was medical records the driver at senior investigator Peter Kutowski with the National Transportation Safety. Board a funeral was held in Chicago yesterday for six of the ten kids who died in a fire through an apartment last. Weekend it was a sleepover going on when the fire broke out the service honored five siblings and a. Cousin the, youngest just three. Months old arrangements are still being made for the remaining. Victims WBZ Bob Roberts was at Our Lady of Catholic church where emotions boiled over right after the. Ceremony I some mortars flash gang, signs, TV cameramen was harassed and other Petach I were told by a man and a gang had to stop shooting photos and video forty minutes before mass. Began a.

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