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To the confidence in the players. And I know you're next question's gonna be. Why didn't you go for it on the fourth down then? But I think more than anything it was that we needed a little bit of momentum. And we felt like if the look presented itself. Gary we were gonna take it. Sam shields did an excellent job running a good route Johnny delivered a ball right on the money. And even though that didn't end in a touchdown. We ended up getting some points. And I thought that just kind of gave us a little bit of life with the way that things were going. It was so aggressive and risky. But it was the perfect. It's call in that spot. They needed something to change the momentum going, h I it it. It felt like a shot of life. So Sean McVeigh was aggressive early. And I thought it was great. He was people were criticizing him for being passive late and settling for a field goal. I'll get to that in a couple of minutes. I thought that had some hidden genius. I I liked that. Actually, I did not want them to go for it. And finally the Superdome was apparently louder yesterday than the Rams anticipated. We talked about their fly. Sloppy first-half. Also had some communication issues. Saints fans brought the kind of noise that shook water bottles and collapsed ceilings and after the game spoke about how it affected the game. And I. The first two drives were tough the first three and outs. When I didn't have my helmet. And then the second drive going out again. And I think the one whichever one hundred with interception. Those were tough. I mean, there was disorienting loud. But we fought through it wasn't loud enough. I guess. Very monotone Jad there at the end because they didn't end up coming out with the win. But that place was insanely loud. Everyone was complaining about the whistle monster. As a viewer. It was just. Irritating. That's what it is. They actually they're actually was parts of the building that we're coming down because of how loud, it was you could you could sense it, and they look complete very we have pictures of that. Yeah. That's the Superdome coming apart. You could sense. How disoriented is what? To tell you the Rams could go on the road playback.

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