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An expert. Will will visit that next Mason? Ireland ESPN, hey, Mason in Ireland, we're back. We're having some technical difficulties that were breaking up a little bit, but we're working on it. We're working on. Listen on this because I think it's it's going in and out Gregor we does. It sound clear to us a breaking up. Do you know? No, sounds perfectly fine over here. Okay, good. Perfectly fine. Let's not touch buttons. Yeah. No, we're not supposed to touch him. Okay. Let's just make divas off Mike. All right. All right, Mike, Steve's on Mike. There you go. Now you're on Mike. Steve is off. Are you hearing me? Yes. You're good now. Okay. Now. Good. That was fine this. Oh, it's perfect. All right. So what what you you wanted to tell you about girlie, right? Yeah. Talk about girlie. Bill Barnwell wrote a piece for ESPN dot com about whether or not the Rams made a smart move by committing a big contract to Todd Gurley. What's he think he says the Rams plan on throwing more as Goff grows, more experienced, theoretically comes at the expense of carries for girl who signed a four year extension worth a reported forty five million and guarantees. It's not a surprise while we don't have the specifics of his deal. Girly is going to make more than ten million per year. He thinks it's a lot to invest in a guy like girly given the fact that they have made. Stakes in the past with both tavon Austin, and Robert Quinn committing big money to them and the injury risk with a running back who runs the way girlie does is is high. So that's he's basically anticipating the possibility that Todd Gurley gets injured and that they did have them under control for the next two years plus a fifth year option and to franchise tax. So they had them for a while. And they elected to give him the money. Now, in my mind, they were smart to do it now because levian bell is going to hit the open market after this season and is potentially going to, you know, girlie sets the market levian bell then gets paid more so they actually got in before Levy on bell got his contract, which is going to be a bigger deal. So well, let's be honest about something to Todd Gurley is not Robert Quinn and Todd Gurley is not take on us wrecked. So you're taking care of what you could arguably say is the best running back in football. You know, he's really, really good. And I personally, I have no problem with the Rams did I, you know if it's if it was somebody marginal, like Austin, I didn't understand the Austin signing. No, I didn't. I understand that it happened. I said this morning in the show. If you take care of people who put up numbers like girly put up last year, all of a sudden you're all set. I mean, you're setting up the rest of the. The room to produce and that's why would do it. I have no problem with it. They did girlies elite and he's twenty three years old. Yep. Twenty-three. And his report out this morning twenty three two years younger than levian. Bell has had five hundred fewer touches touches than levian bell last year, statistically in every category from yards rushed yards per carry, total receiving yards receiving yards per carry touchdowns on the ground touchdowns by receiving all of those. He surpassed a Levy on bell. So yeah, in my mind, it's a, it's a really, really good investment for the Rams and it is setting them up for multiple years. The other thing is, you know, if you think about it, they've got, they've got a couple of guys keep plebe an Dom consume on one year contracts, which means it's a little bit like the Lakers situation. Hey, if it doesn't work in Dymock ensued, not necessarily back next year. Keep Toledo not neces-. -sarily back next year. I think in my mind, the Super Bowl favorites from the NFC. I don't think that I disagree with you on that. I think the eagles wanted last year so they've got to be there. They haven't won a playoff game..

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