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Knock Tober in November of twenty twenty we don't know yeah we all saying they're indicators we might have an economic slowdown of Bob or recession I mean you just don't know but I can say this that the policies that the president is implemented our policies I believe my entire working career and that's you know originalist constitutional is on the court securing our borders the biggest tax cuts in history the biggest cuts in burdensome regulation ever in history we see the results of these policies of have yielded incredible dividends especially for the working men and women in this country and record low unemployment out for African Americans Hispanic Americans Asian Americans women in the work force youth unemployment and the best employment situation since nineteen sixty nine and for the first time in seventy five years energy independence everything between trade deals in his approach to foreign policy not dropping bundles of cash to drive the bride dictators of Mahler's us I just don't agree with that those appeasement policy so you know I II I like this president I like to see him reelected I like to see him cement in a lot of the institutional changes that he's making I think he did a second term to do all of that or else very quickly any one of these extreme radical new Greendale socialist could destroy it all there's a lot at stake they are a recent study was done it says forty million Americans are faced outlook there for one K. and for one it's up in the long haul wages there's no money at the end of the week after that make an additional weight so this along all of this for a one K. I know exactly how what one of my children it's just rocketing making good money there's enough money at the end of the week for the wife and the kids a nice car and a nice house is that what we all want to know what is that why you you work in a jail and I want my mother work sixteen hour shifts almost daily in a jail so we can have a better life Hey I want to remind you about Lonestar transfer many people like our friend Linda over here they on the vacation of their dreams and they're having the best time and they say will you meet somebody says what would you like to duplicate this every year for the rest of your life and you'll always be able to come back here and you think in wow I've never had a vacation this good sure it sounds like a good idea what do I sign and you end up getting inside a time share and then you end up not going back but you end up with the yearly bills and fees and financing this thing and you want to get out now don't be fooled by imitators my friends brining Karen at Lone Star transfer they're about ninety nine percent success rate they're hard working honest people and they will get you out of it expeditiously legally and they do everything the right way and many imitators of tried to copy brining Karen no writing Karen Lone Star transfer the only people I trust and Brian sent me a note the other day for one of our listeners I like to think Melanie and the Lone Star team for helping us out of this mess sometimes it seems like we never get out from under it but we did with your help thank you very much I'm glad I'm glad I listen to Sean Hannity and that's where I heard about Lone Star I fully endorse Lone Star transfer their great Americans get.

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