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Powered by the Palm Beach post meteorologist, Chris Farrell perceive. ES twelve news tracking scattered showers on this Tuesday morning for the drive losses. Scattered showers this morning and throughout the day. At the rate is fifty percent today at Cadiz skies, gusty south twenty to twenty five miles an hour. The high eighty seven Wednesday little change, mostly cloudy, still quite breezy. And the rate is sixty percent for scattered showers. The news that affects you at the top and bottom of every hour. News talk, eight fifty. W F T L. Stay connected. This is America in the morning from Westwood One news, I'm John trout IX, Tuesday, October ninth two thousand eighteen coming up on America in the morning. Governor Rick Scott is warning Floridians that the state has not seen the likes of hurricane Michael. In decades. Reid Binion has the latest an old limo that shouldn't have been on the road at drive or not licensed to be behind the wheel of that vehicle. I'm Steve Kastenbaum. Investigators continued together evidence in the crash that left twenty people dead in upstate New York. President Trump hosts a ceremonial swearing-in for the newest supreme court Justice, Brad Kavanagh. I'm Bob Costantini at the White House. Republican heavyweights campaigning for Senator Ted Cruz in a tight race in Texas. I'm Clayton Neville, how many more older Americans continue to work. And why I'm Tom Busby. One airlines new policy could lead passengers flying county facing longer delays. I'm Jan Johnson. I'm Jim Bohannon with drugs coming up in just a few minutes all ahead on America. And the more. Seven minutes after the hour..

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