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Oh, interesting. We haven't talked about this. I know, Adam speaking of the beloved auteur project and the number 5 slot. Joanna hogg, who wrote and directed this, is my gal. I think every time she has a movie, it's on my top 5 list. I'm sorry for boring everyone. But I slept on this a little bit myself. I think in part because I saw it with Sean at the New York Film Festival, which was a really lovely experience, but Shawn didn't really respond to it. I wasn't a big fan. I let the boys get in my head. But no more. This is. This is a COVID film. Not about COVID but it was filmed during COVID and one of the rare examples I think of using the constraints of COVID to the film's benefit. Stars Tilda Swinton, I don't want to spoil that much, but told us what is a very crucial part of this film gives an amazing performance. And it's about a mother and a daughter who you do learn during the course of the film. I mean, I'm like, sorry about spoiling this, but I think it's okay. It's very subtly handled and I was delighted when about halfway through the film. It's revealed that the character's name is Julie and that this is a part of her souvenir, I guess, trilogy now or like the project. This sort of seems like a coda to that project, even though I don't think it's truly done, she might keep going. But it jumps forward a bit anyway. This is sort of a ghost story, which is I think part of the reason Sean didn't like it without speaking for him, though I'm just going to keep doing it. Don't worry about me. Speak your truth. But because I'm not a horror enthusiast or a person who really cares about ghost stories, the way that it was using those tropes worked for me. There's just kind of also an emotional and visual aesthetics like literally wallpaper world that Joanna hogg can create that I respond to and this is a movie about mothers and daughters and I realize I still watch movies as a daughter, primarily, even though I guess I aged into the other category this year. And I thought that it was very, it was beautiful and it's still a dynamic like I don't see explored in

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