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Just twenty nine percent blame the Democrats but support for the border wall is climbing last year Americans oppose the wall by twenty nine points, the margin. Now just twelve point ABC's George Stephanopoulos in Indonesian officials says the cockpit voice recorder from doomed lion air flight six ten has been recovered. The latest generation seven thirty seven crashed in October divers found the recorder in some of the one hundred eighty nine people killed in the crash beneath twenty six feet of mud. A federal judge in Oakland blocked. Trump administration rules would allow more employers to opt out of providing women with no cost birth control from taking effect and thirteen states in Washington DC, congressional Republican leadership is about to do something about Steve king, the longtime Iowa Republican with a long history of racially insensitive comments. I'm having a serious conversation with congressman Steve king on his future. Enroll in this Republican party minority leader Kevin McCarthy plans to meet with king on Monday on his question kings question to the New York Times asking how the terms white nationalist and white supremacist became offense. I will not stand back as a leader of this party believing in this nation that all are created equal that that stands are continues to stand and have any role with us McCarthy on face the nation on CBS thirty five thousand Los Angeles public school teachers go on strike Monday morning. We're in a battle for the soul of public education teacher's union, boss, Alex, Caputo Pearl. Teachers rejected the district last offer on Friday. The district has hired hundreds of substitutes in order to try to keep schools. Open. A forty two inch water main broke in downtown Detroit the areas under a boil water..

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