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To the right place for something new financial aid for those who qualify. Take the first step in media. The offer training all aspects of media like TV host producer blogger Ford operator. Sports commentator and a lot more. Take the first step in media and call Illinois new school bars. Six three zero nine one six seven hundred or visit beyond air dot com. His personal. Saturday from AllState arena, Michael Chandler. The lightweight title on the line championships champs over fight against the pit bull. Plus, the welterweight world grand prix continues went this Leo faces the most electrifying man in Michael venom pain over pro wrestling champ, Kager returns to the Bella Torquay e. Live Saturday from AllState arena tickets available now at TicketMaster dot com. Attention if you owe money to the IRS, this is an urgent message. The IRS is cracking down this year by sitting out heart-stopping letters aggressively garnishing paychecks seizing bake accounts, and putting leans on homes and businesses they call it enforced compliance, and you better watch out because penalties and interest unpaid taxes compound daily making it seem impossible to ever get out of debt. Don't let tax debt destroy your life. You need to call Optima Tax Relief. The number one tax resolution firm, they are experts in the fresh start initiative. One of the biggest breaks the IRS has ever offered. If you qualify. You could save thousands, even tens of thousands. Optima resolved over a half billion dollars tax debt for their clients. They have an a plus rating with the Better Business Bureau will fight to get you the best deal possible. Call Optima now for a free consultation. Call eight hundred seven one five fifty four ninety nine eight hundred seven one five fifty four ninety nine eight hundred seven one five fifty four ninety. Nine Optima.

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