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Blood on world on is still bit over here toasted you i love the he is due june guy all right so you can guess three more puzzled three more points of view named three more herbert guy tell joints emme needs more socket soon the armed as a little bad lieutenant two more coma it's melta oh oh the one with thing where he's no way out is no way out okay oh i don't know you got kicked off a pacalypse now you'll have a third one well i will in a minute it's probably not on there 'cause you know obscure nisar went on fucking the movie that she'll be oh pulp fiction okay they won yup his numbertwo court i am de be is the grand budapest hotel and then uh i apologise number twos bad through tenants you get a point for that then grand budapest and finally pulp fiction so that is two more bonus points ruin guy own in the lead now with a total of three against jacobs two and thanks you thanks for joining us mike i went for the glory and i didn't it anyway this is funny because acv mentioned this and how much he loves it who's best known for starts with spdr dash man.

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