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Rigging Eighteen hours a day to build this thing in ten days we will getting ready to launch it, and just as we launch Leeson, you pretty much got to cease desists the thank you can't launch shows rigging launch as well. With the government you know will needs to strike and we're GONNA launch enter. That's a whole nother story. Anyway, we ended up elaborating with them, but they didn't at the end of the day they did what they did and so he said, look we business amazing technology what else who else needs the infancy and we found in giving to Bangladesh it's rolling out right now two, hundred, sixteen, million people for Children's of South Africa, which holds to. Thailand and Vietnam where literally giving them this knowledge to help them with their Kobe. Situation. So. Through technology, we can now reach many more people. No one just one country influencing tech orig- hundred sixteen million cable so therefore. In my lifestyle like that one billion number is. By the my life, right? At least twenty is. At the rate of. Our acceleration I'm pretty sure we will reach that. It's not. It's not to I don't want people to know that I was the one who did it, but I just wanted to know that because I lived. Is Ling That's. Right, and I've got visual here on on your face. So I'd say twenty years you being very modest I'd say you've probably got another fifty. On the planet so you know maybe maybe the billions a little bit lulling. Maybe, up that to seven billion, I think cover everybody. Unfortunately, I think Mr. Bill Gates has the same vision but All right Yeah flush my trek now with. Little smart comment. I was going some way with the you mentioned you know giving away the APP to Bangladesh and to South Africa and then you mentioned supporting. People impacted by a harsh winter in Ukraine and not have the. Resources to take care of themselves and shelter and whatnot How how do you get in touch people their head he contact authorities they said that you can actually get those resources into the right places that with I make a difference so that that's all done by be one. If you just gotTA BE ONE ON DOT COM, they've got they've got all that taken care of and so they've all the tracking mechanism sale ads, all connections, white people than one hundred percent of the funds go to them. Is Transparent let's we love Paul done he comes to Melbourne. Said Hey look I'm having an event you come down he jumps on the plane from Singapore and flies down here his wife Masami who had this vision Howard started off for she said Hey look this people who are buying TV's what if every time somebody bought a TV somebody in Africa India some of country got the gift of vision so they can say and that's how it all started. Then Paul ISM is an amazing person he actually we could probably make this come true and they've been going for twelve years now. So twelve years they've been doing this and I think they've just hit over two hundred, ten, million people have impacted around the wolves and I love supporter. Yeah. Well, let's say it's a really right approach to you doing good with business i. think that's kind of fits in philosophy of the human connection business because we will do business with people we know lock entrust, but we also locked feel as I we helping others not, and this is not just helping those people that were giving or selling a product or a service to, but it's actually helping the wider community at the same time. Or show. Beautiful at it is he don't use it as a I don't say you come to my event and when you come to the event, the proceeds of donated to your training family, it's actually after you've made the decision to come. You've paid an everything day or two. Later you get an email going Hagan because you cited to come. We've actually donated that you've now clothed then fed family in Ukraine for the next month. Thank you. And so it's not a use it as a selling point, it's not a carrot Ten percent of our profits go to blah. And then you go in your brain, your brain automatically says valued just added ten percent on your charging me for. This is completely different different way going that. Yeah, I really liked that. So you'll basically selling the value of the event the and people buy. Buy The ticket because I. BELIEVE THERE's value in coming along to the event and it's with the money that they're paying for and then off, which is actually we've done I did that money to a course says, thanks thanks for helping. Much benefit love. All right now, tell us a little bit about the business authorities formula which I'm guessing is based on your experience growing always businesses and and I know you've got a ten step framework. They're great lover of crimewave because it gives this kind of something to work within gives us creativity to actually Stall or a depth things to. Around. Particular way of doing it. And so. This. Again comes from those ten years. Public Folklore fifteen years of experience building businesses and. Now, I told You my first business. It took blood sweat and tears to get in cross the line. Imagine having a hundred people bears the amount of grandmothers than die everyday. leslie naive at three other. Ones Diana. It's crazy when we deal with Gillett of APSOS people, we have a lot of excuses noticed so. I was thinking okay. Why does business takes so long to get off the ground you know get profitable and get working in have been running by itself whereas other businesses that way built A. so he's now the one that I told you about the software. The that was intending point in my life where I met these amazing eight Lewis that, hey, we want to build businesses visting felony that you have Johan is amazing that you don't actually see them value for creating more. Interesting ago your here unless tech the you should be building this way to get to the valuation of a hundred now. This'll two, thousand, two, thousand, twelve when this was. First conceived two, thousand fifteen when they use the word one, hundred, million now I have no pictured but one hundred, million looks like I couldn't even I couldn't even imagine it because my brain was okay. We've got these many staff. This is how much money we're making and it was literally a hundred times. You know let's say we're doing a million going to turn it into a one, hundred, million, my brain went. That's one hundred times. No problems we've. We've got. They said, we don't build businesses like you do and I was like a while they showed me that track record one of the. Partners. Less company they built was one point, two, billion dollars again, all these numbers sound so amazing and they generally will they were to me when I was. Like I cannot even comprehend what you're talking about. But then at the end of the day, we start realizing that they're just numbers and just a few extra zero's etc. so how do we build a business from zero to twenty million in four years and then had we tend Ed Lincoln hints from zero to a seven million dollar company in foams like it's it's it's using this right? So, I'll give you the example of building and trackers. So building attractive is a software company. So when we started doing market research in going into the into the different..

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