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Is hard to see and everybody wants to make fun of ben simmons because you only had one point and rookie of the year what's really happening is brad stevens is paying him an incredible compliment that no matter what's happening on that roster the he sees ben simmons as the real threat and the heart of that team and they're throwing lebron s game plan trying to deal with them and i do believe he'll get over it it question is now whether he'll figure it out and whether brett brown can help them figure it out in time to win this theory part brian after the knicks had six hundred thirty seven interviews they decide on david phys dale and so from your side of it why will this work or why won't this work were were great and fizz dale won the respect that so many players and so that not only is he a guy who relates the players but he also has been taught the technical side of the game and to be able to find coach who has technically intelligent and knows how to set a culture but also the players is valuable and that's what the knicks alternately really wanted that said there is a bit of a gamble here because there's dell is still a young head coach and he has improved at the highest level he a lot of people like he got a raw deal in memphis but part of what happened was he is for being a players don't she couldn't connect with his star player and marcus all and he went sideways and he got fired and if he goes sideways with the star in new york that's going to be a problem so it's a it's a good hire because it's kind of like winning a sweepstakes for the knicks but he hasn't been a guy who's proven he can do it yet and there's some uncertainty because of it one last foam for a here wendy the nba warning drake about his language do players actually like hanging with drake before during after the game they talked to them all the time they probably be taxed him and stuff but.

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