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All ruling clique the attitudes of the mass of the people determine policy with public opinion on its side said abraham lincoln in the course of his famous contests with douglas everything succeeds with public opinion against it nothing succeeds thank you for joining us for another episode of historical figures if you want to listen to any previous episodes of historical figures you can find them on apple podcast tune in google play soundcloud stitcher and spotify or on our website par cast dot com spelled p a r c a s t dot com the new episode drops every wednesday but if you subscribe you don't have to remember that if you like would you hear please leave a five star review or tells what you think on social media we're on facebook and instagram as at par cast and twitter at par cast network it seemed simple but it really helps our show as always we thank you for listening historical figures was created by max cutler it is the production of cutler media and is part of the park cast network it is produced by max and run color sound designed by kenny hobbs with production assistance by carry murphy additional production since by maggie admire and carli madden historical figures is written by tom pike and stars vanessa richardson and carter roy are amazing voice actor is mike opposi.

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