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It was a great group of guys outside of Luke and Hannah was is is Google has held. I love it She speaks her mind. I love everything about her. In that regard it was boring like when you're not gonNA date is heliborne imagine it with a bunch of dudes. I what did y'all do for fun on your off days because you're right. What a Lotta people don't see is that you see the dates right as as a viewer? UC Two two hours of filming. We've been filming an entire week and you only get out of the House on rose ceremonies or if you have a date so there's a lot of downtime you're in these great countries these beautiful cities you never been in before and you don't really get to go out and said so. What did y'all do for fun then? I'll tell you what we did so in which are the awed. You're probably more than we did. I just appre drink. do stupid stuff. Push ups pull ups on that stuff. That's definitely now overdid around pool talk to each other do a lot of interviews. There's a lot of that you know the crazy thing. Is You do all these What is it called a guy talk or girl talk season none of that crap aired and now I'm like why are you got me doing all these taff Italian I tyler seen idea great one megaton of Garrett and Hannah because I live thirty minutes from each it was Eddie? They should have made the credit. Although the shirts seen that y'all did at the piano was amazing. I'm glad that that made the credits and I could tell the camaraderie that you guys had on the season. who were you close to? I'm close a Lotta guys like mention. Tyler heated homey dust in earlier today. He's he's Army Dylan's my little brother Connor those are the ones that I hang out with and talk to the most Matteo. I wanted to go see him in Atlanta. Hey I'm pretty cool when everybody is the infamous group Chat Poppin. 'cause I know you gotTa grew and I'm the one that offer my android. Oh Yeah Yeah you're one of those. It's a I mean honestly they should kick you out very annoying. GNAWING with someone goes green. I might get the eleven because all my Mike. Can you please get iphone. Am I listen to the fans yeah. You need to pay attention to AH okay on your one on one. I WanNa talk about that because I said this earlier. We felt like we didn't see a lot aww you were you really nervous did we. Did we miss out on some conversation. I know you express hey. I'm nervous but it just seemed like a lot of nervous energy. Nah I definitely wasn't nervous. It was more of when I watched the Bachelorette back all I did was smile and I have so much more than a smile. I like really converse with people have great conversation. I feel I think the show just wanted me to these smile. They don't want you to look like the angry black man and they dancer Dame portrayed portray ally so I'm appreciative. Even though I definitely was going off on some people that deserve to share their good deny nine good Hannah definitely had conversations we there was no pauses in our dates at all and both are was great conversation throughout his fluid. They just want to show me smile for some reason well. It's better than a frown right no death. I'm frowning takes more. It takes more muscles to frown smile exactly so therefore the smile. I'm afraid I ever I'm definitely a you can say bitch. I've definitely have a resting bitch face low show uh-huh. Everybody knows that but I try to work on smiling because people tell me that I look angry so it's nice that even okay maybe they didn't show your full personality but at least they showed you smiling Meiling full personality. I'm extremely loud and hilarious and I wanNA scream right now. Just out of pure excitement enjoy that's. It's the entry into the podcast with you. Okay so you get sent home. We all saw all that and it was really hard to watch because you were like trust to impress y'all had had the day date before you poured your heart out to Hanna. Hannah and I remember even in the items you're saying I see her as my wife. Did you see it coming at all. No zero percent one one hundred percent that was going to be sent home because I I asked because I want you to expand on that. I asked because when I got sent home I knew it I I it was actually hugging sound and like hugging audio and the cameraman before the rose ceremony saying this was it like I knew I felt it in my bones and so I I guess I assume other people have that same experience so I'm curious where you're coming from Lewis Juice you ready for the Jews time. Can we like I bet so no I one hundred percent thought that Hannah was going to give me a rose would michelle doubt but for those crazy crazy extreme fanatics the suit I was exact same that I got out of the Limo in we I didn't know and for me myself that was like symbolism and I did that prior to knowing that none of the producers of that and so so from my end because I wanted to make sure and this is real. I don't want to take this no way nor anybody else hearing this. I haven't uh-huh woman home to a mom in forever and has been one woman in over a decade and I take that very seriously whether on TV or not being on TV and I wasn't sure if I was ready to take home that's fair and I one hundred percent thought I was gonNA say. I thought she was GonNa give me rose but I wasn't sure if I wanted to mom this. This is the beautiful Hannah was say hi Hamilton place but he is by the way to solve that oh no she yeah so. I thought that I was GonNa say I thought he was rose but for me myself and I shot the beyond say. I thought we would need to have a longer conversation for me to decide for myself because what people don't realize that this is a two way street I just reggie as you were the Bachelorette but your husband now he was a contestant but at the same time he had an opportunity leave as well and obviously he wanted you as you wanted wanted him and so for me. I'll that like that. That's why I was never nervous is a two way street from me. My heart has feelings well. I think it's interesting that you say and in and thank you for being honest and sharing that. I think it's fair fair for you to say you know if you were ready to bring her home because that's the other side of it. People don't talk about you know you watch this play. How how you lose some? Everybody wants a rose every single week but it is such a pivotal time when you have to take the lead to your home because it's a reality check. You're in this bubble this bachelor but will you are caught up in his feelings in these emotions because you have to talk about him all Damn Day every day and then you're GonNa step outside of that bubble and take them home where you know we talked about this earlier your family your friends are going to check you and bring Baxter reality and that's a scary thought and so. I'm glad that you speak on that because I think a lot of people need to realize how nerve racking it is for the person to accept the rose to bring them. I'm home you gotTa make sure that you're ready for that and I think over the uneven watch Colton season but there was a girl who did that on Colton season. She just felt like their relationship had progressed enough for her to bring him home. That's a serious thing so I like the set that he's been ice yeah. Nothing is Hannah definitely like her lighter but I just want to make sure that my family as well I think shows how much you liked her. You weren't just going to it wasn't a game to you and you're going to take her yeah. You weren't going to set her up for failure. You wanted it to be right and that shows your sincerity another good characteristic of the bachelor of bats. I'm just telling Y'all good characteristic all right Mike. I have so many more questions for you. We're going to take a quick break. I'm GonNa let you have a breather because I feel like I've been grilling you for a moment and we're gonna come right back rage. I gotta say we live in such an amazing time right now. allie seriously I couldn't agree with you more. We can even unlock our phones by just looking at them. Just the other day I it was ordering diapers for my son Riley just by talking into a speaker in my living room I mean that's kind of insane. It is the one thing that hasn't changed as coloring our hair where I know right our options have always been going to the salon and spending a ton of time and money there or going to the store and grabbing one of those box kits at the drug store now. There's a new way for you to do it. You can do it with Madison Reed and I have to tell you allie. It took a strong woman to shake up the hair coloring rural and and you know how I like strong women and you absolutely I love amy era. I mean she really changed things up with Madison Reed in what I love so much does that it's actually a company that she named after her daughter. Madison Reed.

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