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Executive action on Friday to protect access to abortion. This according to three people familiar with the matter as he faces mounting pressure from Democrats to be more forceful on the subject after the Supreme Court ended a constitutional right to the procedure just two weeks ago. The White House said Biden will speak tomorrow morning on protecting access to reproductive healthcare services, but the actions that Biden was to outline were expected to be limited in scope. He's expected to formalize instructions to the departments of justice and Health and Human Services to push back on efforts to limit the ability of women to access federally approved abortion medication or to travel across state lines to access clinical abortion services. The people spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss Biden's actions before they were officially announced, once again, the breaking news is that President Biden is expected to take executive action tomorrow to protect access to abortion. This according to three people familiar with the matter, will have more on that as we get it here on WTO. Meantime, we're also following breaking news out of McLean, a man has been shot tonight and killed by fairfax county police in that community. Police say they were called to arbor lane near wimberly way for reports of a man throwing objects outside police say there was a struggle between the man and officers and the man was shot. He died at the scene as we get more information we will bring it to you on WTO and WTO dot com. Washington commander's owner Dan Snyder has reached out to a congressional committee saying he's now willing to testify before lawmakers, the panel wants to know more about the team's efforts to address what's been called a toxic workplace Mitchell Miller has more from Capitol Hill. The House oversight committee issued a subpoena to Snyder last month after he failed to testify at a hearing, where NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did respond to lawmakers questions. The panel has been investigating workplace misconduct issues, including allegations of a frat boy environment that encourage sexual harassment of women in the organization. Snyder has been overseas this summer, and his legal team says he'll be in Israel for an event commemorating the death of his mother last year, but his lawyers say he could testify virtually at the end of the month. The committee says it's reviewing the latest communication and remains committed to getting his testimony. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO P news. Prosecutors in Richmond are repealing a decision to grant $15,000 bail to a man accused of plotting a July 4th mass shooting in Virginia's capital city. The Virginia mercury reports a Commonwealth's attorney is asking the Richmond circuit court to overrule the bail amount set by a lower court for 52 year old Julio Alvaro dubin, Richmond police have set a tip, helped them foil what they say were the plans of el vardo dubon and 38 year old Roman Bala carcel. So far, each man has only been charged with possession of a firearm by a non citizen. Montgomery county police marked their 100th anniversary today. Maryland governor Larry Hogan was on hand for the ceremony, which reflected on 100 years of service, but looked ahead to the next century

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