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Say something. Do the elites ever call. Do they want the good work. Never not invented here exactly never not invented here. We have a couple donor show. I don't have notes for robert thatcher from cookeville tennessee. Three three and joel nelson has this is not from. He's got his. I look. I looked at with this email and joel. I found Your mail from june a bunch of other males but not this one atom has no i. I also looked. We have No i i have none of this. None of this came through. I have other notes. That were mia. Now these are these make goods these the ones that miser the make good so no this who. I don't know we don't have it so send something else. That will read it some other time i will read emma villette in jefferson louisiana. She's a i associate executive producer to fifty seven eighty eight happy thirty thirty third birthday to my smoking. Hot husband steven steven steven villette. May he please be d- do i. Guess he may spend deep douched. Thank you for being the most incredible dad or are are adorable. Human no human resource not humanoid. We love you more than you'll ever know no jingles. Just karma you got it got karma. Now we're in wilmington associate executive producer credits. Baronet sir fee from appleton wisconsin to forty one fifty eight. It's the baron here. Checking in from appleton wisconsin birthplace. Greta van susteren childhood home of harry. Houdini and the final resting place of senator. Joseph mccarthy all missing is the big ball of string. Please see my attached accounting this donation. I am finally won an associate executive producer as all other. Donations fell below this level and to baron. Look good at i would. Let's you can get there a love that i would like to claim from my any iceland I tried to look it up on the peerage map but it isn't working and a cached image from someplace on the duck duck go showed it unclaimed is is it the decision of peerage committee that i can claim iceland. Yeah good. I don't even have to do any. Research should know that why iceland. I've actually been there. It's unique place. They've endless energy and bjork. What more could dude. I also have. I should mention people when it traveled through ice. Because you can do that on icelandic air because they always went to stop in. Reykjavik the Icelanders have this tremendous wool from these weird sheep. That you'll see when you drive around is in this screwball. Look and she had like and sheep and their will is naturally waterproof and so is used to make sweaters and the best shot and sweaters and blankets blankets ben tastic and the best wool shop in the entire countries. Actually at the airport. Is that the big mall. you always talk about. It's not a big mall but it's airport is big. I mean it's it's it's a shopping area although european ones are but this has a wool shop in Dynamite little tip for. You travel a good tip do you have. Do you have any products from this. wool oh yeah i bought Two or three sweaters in a blanket..

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