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Yeah one of the three or four fundamental forces of nature depending how you count and we have gravity which we don't understand quantum mechanically we have electromagnetism and the weak force which I think together is bounded as part of the electro weak force. Yeah and then we have the strong nuclear force and this is the thing that holds the Proton together and holds the neutron together and also the thing that holds the nucleus together because the residual Joel bits of it leftover after you've made the Proton and the neutron but this force is really powerful and really different from any of the other forces. It's called the strong force right right. Yeah not the strange force that maybe they should have called it. The wrong new to this dry into the strange force does that make you doctor. After strange it absolutely officially does need power over time is going to everybody right right. Even the Benedict cumberbatch is of the world. And you know we like to categorize things physics. We'd like to say are these. Things are all similar to each other and what connections can draw between them but we also like to contrast things we like to say. Hey look these forces are similar. Because they're all forces but they have some big differences in them and so those things can teach us like what kind of forces can there be in the universe right and the strong force is different in basically every way that it can be different from the other forces really So it's one of the four fundamental on dementia forces but it's very different than the other three or the other to. Yeah it's very different from. I would say the other two. For example gravity has one way you you can push ready can only pull things together and that's because there's only one kind of mass you can have positive. Negative mass is so gravity is only attractive. Right electromagnetism tatum right. Works on positive and negative charges and so both push and pull it pushes it to positive charges or negative charges come near each other it polls if you have opposite charges near each other right but the strong force is weird because it has three charges and we call those red green and blue and Dan. So it's it just it blows your mind thinking like wow. There can be like a three different kinds of charges and it requires different kinds of math like to balance them. Out to neutralize thumbing all sorts of stuff right because I was just thinking that the one I think most people are familiar with is the electrode Mandela magnetic force in terms of there being charges. We're so used to just. They're being too right. Plus or minus. Yeah you're used to there being used to being there being two kinds of magnets right north and south. What if there were like three kinds of magnets you know? Hey North north south and east or something in the east magnet was super weird right like it would. It would be a really different force. Well that's what the strong force is as three kinds of charges. Like plus minus an ex will red green and blue and that's why you can have bounced of to quirks because you can have like a red an anti I read or three quirks if you have like a red green and blue. 'cause Red Green Blue Adept to neutral Well I guess that me through this a little bit Amore. Because I know that you know if I have a plus charge an a minus tar still attract each other in electromagnetic forces Oregon two pluses dill repel each other to. How does it work if you have three? You know it's like two. I know threes kind of a weird thing are you asking me how to have a threesome. ENCARTA I was trying to avoid that Twat reference but if you want to go there let's go there. I mean it turns out to be pretty different in two pluses and minus or to mind this is in a plus it's a whole different genre array. You know it's a it's a very different kind of situation and the weird thing. His basically anything that has color that isn't neutral will attract the other thing so red will attract red red will attract anti read will read will attract green corrine will attract blue blue will check anti blue. It's basically always a party when it comes to destroy anything that has a color charge attracts other things color charge. Anything that has a charge will interact with other things. They have a color charge. Whether or not they attract or repeal depends on where they are how close they are. Well if you take a red quirk and anti record neither too close together. They will repel each other. If too far apart they will attract each other Oh they like to be sort of a specific disappeared. Yes they like to be a specific distance apart. Anything else takes more energy. So if you have a Red Corcoran anti recording closer closer together you gotta squeeze them because they repel that they avoid that similarly if you want them further apart you gotta put an energizing and as they get. Further and further apart takes more and more energy. And that's the thing that's really weird about the strong force like with electromagnetism take plus and minus and you pull them apart. The force between them starts to fade right as they get further and further apart because at one over R. squared but about like a red and a green same situation. I mean there's some little details there for higher order calculations but roughly about the same So everyone wants to be with everybody else but not too close but not too close to so why is in everything just is being pulled together. Why are my red corks? Just totally pulling the red corks in my microphone or in the the son to me because you're red. Quirks are all in color neutral imbalanced states mostly protons neutrons They're happy they're happy. Happy Happy threesome. They're unhappy three some. Yeah and you know. Why is the nucleus held together? Because he's a little bit of strong force leaks out of the Proton and holds protons together Some mostly they're gonNA totally happy state but you know sometimes a neutron decays into a Proton I see it's like asking why. Why aren't all my plus plus charges in my body attracting the plus charges in the Sun and the answer is that my plus charges are all happy stuck with a negative charge inside of me? Yeah exactly the most of your plus charges are in neutral atoms. And so the New Zealand's don't really interact unless you get really closed and then it depends on how close you are to the plus part of the minus part but but on average you're neutral and you don't interact with the electric charges in Iraq or in your Mazda or whatever so if I had the power to create a Red Cork right in front of me like Poof who've just may want in front of me it would be super attracted to or maybe not would look for the closest single cork and get attracted to that. That's right but it would take an enormous amount of energy to create that court and have it be really far away from any partner because in the Potential energy would be so big aid precisely. Think about the opposite. Say You had a cork in an anti red coke and you wanted to separate them. How much energy would it take to separate them to be like you know one galaxy the away from each other will every meeting separately that would take more and more energy? It's not like with electromagnetism. Were once you get them far apart. They basically ignored each other. You know a cork here would feel court in Andromeda super-duper powerful though it'd be you know an incredible amount of energy and that's the really weird thing about the strong long force. Is that the power the force doesn't degrade with distance it gets stronger Tickets bring in like a mechanical spring. Exactly it goes is linearly linearly with distance just like a mechanical spring. And so is that how you explain whether you can't find one alone in nature is that it's just take too much energy and that energy prefers I turn into matter so if you did take a cork in Antioch Work and you pull them apart. That would require huge energy pouring energy into it to separate them and in nature prefers to not have that much unstable energy it prefers to decay into lower energy states like we talked about another time and he creates new quirks and and so creates a new partner for those quirks. You're trying to pull apart so that no quirk is by itself So it let's grab One Clark could my right hand and I grabbed the core another cork with my left hand and I hope you're wearing safety goggles here. I always safety. They're called reading glasses asses. So you're pulling you're pulling apart and I have big muscles in. I am just pulling them apart. And it's like it's really hard. It's really hard and then and at some point the universe is just naps which is You know it'll just it'll be like the spring broke and suddenly will have to Cork's in one hand and to course on the other hand precisely. Yeah and you can even generate more particles in fact what you just described is essentially my job. That's what we do with large collider. You wear a safety glasses. I do whereas do this. But we smash protons together and that pushes effectively the corks away from each other and when that happens we see particles Nichols's created out of the vacuum out of that that energy gets turned into particles. You don't just get one. Sometimes you get a whole stream. Ten Twenty thirty forty fifty particles depending how much energy you've created the says you know. It's too much effort to police to quirks together. It's too much effort to fight for his amazing biceps and muzzles. I'll l. just allergies in each of his hands tried Jorges verses the universe not think about it like tension in a string you know it it stretches and stretches and stretches eventually it snaps and it just prefers to being a lower energy state and that lower energy state means having those particles exist we we talked about a statistically at another podcast in the universe prefers configurations where there's lots of possible ways.

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