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They're all going to be trying to jockeying for position and it's going to be plenty horses like seven two weeks l. From widish guy. It goes forward side plenty of spain. I think for the five. Vegas actually drew really. Well just wanna start on. Mr quickey was probably the best horse in the rice is only going to carry fifty six and a half kilos. Which it's the holiest white but in essence. I think this is not a real knock. You get giants mcdonald in the settle here. He is getting bathing boy. Bond now this was a very slowly ron rice. He bone was adding front and was out. Kiko hawaii misty quickey. We know what he's ability. He's fresh he's got a really good record. Fresh homeless they can tell them. Don't be surprised to these. Cities always be heavily backed. Just touching on sightsee bonas get forty one fifty one. That's too big amount at twenty six thirty one dollars You can have a little bit of sneaky play on on with the five vigo and i really liked the barry. If these it's a horse doesn't wanna say. Open air to willie. So roy lock and i think this is the roy gave for it now right joking obviously replaces jamie kaz and market martin opium heavily invested into. It would be if jimmy cars in the settled. But i still think there's no real knock with rachel king on it. It ran forth in this race last year with a similar. Why doesn't get the penalty for winning the group one loss dot sits really well up it actually is one stop before side. There's no knock. There was a pretty soft win. Loss dot gets chandler horse. Just wanna throw in the mix. Nick and i ran seventy dollars support for it again. Hosue up here. It's ready to take coin. China are expected to run really well. It's an avon rice as it should be stroke every year. Plenty of chances it's a handicap. You get those awesome. Dan and the white that the market trends towards about on with ligon seems to have the raw form on. I think it's gonna lock but if it gets it. That ten of foods pretty blistering. Absolutely joel's we'll have a little bit a couple more replies. Evil you folks. And i think the harav ian is the next reply. We'll get up for you. This is a whole had team. In the orange. Keller's this is the old. Stop all rushing. Camelot mogadishu just past the mall in inclement conditions. Bohai math on the fence sticking on. This is a bribe around from him. He's a serious racehorse seven year old. And i just love the wise bain trekking into this rice and he won seven in a row. Las preparation debating economic at the end of that really good run of form. And he's run loss dot. He was back and he was the warmest runner and he got pushed out on the bend. And i thought it was just as just as good as anything in the rice and to planet authorities. Run was better than wall planet and planet storm time. And he's been well found here and we'll have a look at wall planet now as well. So how rivals. One of the horses. All one apply but this is planet when he's just taken through his glasses. This is the moon get stikes. I've a four hundred meters able to take a seat. Get out of the top amoros eve finish on in front of movado. And he's improved so much since they know main he's had these last four he's last five wins and four of them bena afford eight hundred hillside fund style wherever thirty eight hundred so he's improved gyn and we saw what he did last dot. He just gets a beautiful run. He likes to sit back. Guide fifteen three date with a little bit of cover. It'd be charging on light but there's not that much between them all in this race so on superman in this rice as well so they arrive in. I'm superman one. While on superman i love these. I i have a fifteen hundred maters. That went fast. A set and set about two links off the sick and and then he kicked off that really debt. Well they went to slow the old age. Dykes the rice type of food. I noted maters they last dot so he drops to a beautiful wife from guide tree. Kerrin mcevoy fifty. five fifty. Four kilos hakin absorb that spayed. You gotta patch each ice three year old emerald kingdom seven to excel sits beautiful. He's droll allow him superman. You just kind of get a beautiful running the rice. Let's get into rice number no on the last to top one to sweet dish. Five at five seventeen abide seven dollars. Fifty five stays in the brooklyn hostage agency on a non fifty tain eleven for exhilarates. Laura twelve taffer. Is madame rouge. Seventeen into four. Really been ruben. Sierra sue twenty-six incredulous. Join t. one. Well bick and forty one. Dan to nikonov one hundred and one hundred interesting rice. He because obviously these horses probably all in the path. The two weeks into the test here are got to work out whether these horses again to be. Maybe just having one to completely top them. Full that rice. So you got to look at ways. Sort of these horses setup walled weeks and i think rose forward giselle goes forward three hundred and then i said all find their spawn of that audience. Terribly guide. Sixteen think it probably has to go back to loss is a horse that won the thousand guineas as a three year old and then came in after that and then Second in the empire. Is i think because against the automated. So she's a very good mayor or very good philly on her die here she could take a spot. I four or five. That was an advantage of a ciaran food and she was danny guide. Sixteen fifty six dies. Jamie mcintyre settle expected to go back pro away from that guy. Mike a little bit tricky. I think the market will probably against a but she won't be ready to rock and roll for the test airing two weeks. I want to find a horse. I just perfectly placed in this rice and the horse for my sweet deal. It was really well supported loss. I started to go back negative neutral from the gate loss dot which beat surprising to me. I think again he get four or five. Natural sits in the first four or five sets up really well. I think sweet deal can win this race on saturday to best holes in the rice that i can trust the.

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