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Amazing stab yeah so so you know every free minute i had away from pr i was up there badgering those guys in bothering them and you know it's gonna let me watch tape with them and learn learn from them so it was so that was that was that year and then nothing nothing fulltime materialized for me so i actually moved to new york city and hooked on with an agency for a few years and you know one of the agents that that worked in our group the main recruiter was the guy that was a scout they pulled him out of they pulled him out of scouting you've got it for ten years his name was gary horton was a former college coach and you know like a lot of agencies they have a football guy to kinda help them recruit and sell the football side of things and gary was that guy for our group and he actually started out kinda of his own scouting private scouting business called the war room at the time and the two guys that he had working with them where me and a guy named todd mcshay so so we did that i did that for about four years working on the agent side and then doing the war thing part time and we were getting all our tape from danny green who was coach of the vikings with gary's good friend and he'd coached with so that was kind of my introduction to you know just qouting to scout and players is working with gary and then when john schneider got his first job in ability to hire staff in washington with marty schottenheimer in two thousand one he he gave me my first shot as a scout so i got got a job scout in the west coast moved to phoenix and kinda started from there so that's a long story but that's kinda how i got into it and you know unfortunately he right it right after i took that washington job gary and todd sold that war on business to espn which turned into scouts inc for a lot of money so i wasn't i wasn't a part of that but it was it was a great opportunity and all ever wanted to do with the scout so there was there was no.

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