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What's going on at the convention issues. Americans. Care about and we had some calls with some of these speakers and. We I would not have known about them if the platform wasn't given to more people and wider range of people not just one. person they always rely on and I think that's really exciting because again, to win this election, you can't just have the presidency there needs to be accountability that needs to be down ballot states. So your local elections to. What do you think the impact of the whole four days? was I mean it felt like especially by highlighting some of the Republicans against trump like casick right and and what have you re crossroads? Yeah Right. So so some people found that corny but and I, I heard from some very, you know strong Bernie people that they were really upset that any of those Republicans against trump were given time right but but I get it I I feel like what the DNC decided was we have to reach the moderates. The, people who voted for trump and twenty sixteen. But now they're really having second thoughts the independence I mean the other the other progressive people and the Hardcore Democrats they're already on board. Do you feel like. They made that case. that's an interesting question. I. I didn't Instagram Live for my podcast fresh off the boat which I can talk about later with another delegate another fellow sanders delicate and I asked him on the instagram live I said. Do you think there are populations that the Democratic Party during this convention. Failed to recognize or did not. Reach out very well to more took them for granted and his analysis was. that. Yes. The party assumes progresses will be on board. And I think sometimes that can feel like they're taking their votes for granted. And there was a sense of being upset about the party. Trying so hard to scoop up the independence and the people who had voted for trump and twenty sixteen and not cater to the. Other people who've been doing a lot of work on the left. I think for me personally the impact of the convention in these days. I think it's a big coalition of people. We saw so many speakers and the overall message was unity and I think. They did a relatively good job in doing that I think it's going to be. something. You know I said this on the idea that I did but. I recently read this article about I forgot was it the economist or the Atlantic but radical presidents don't need to be the most radical. and. Why is that and why Joe Biden could be the most progressive president? You're not going to think logically that way, but he could because. People Assemble coalitions and checks and balances on the people in power, and if he is if he knows that maybe he's not the most healing candidate who came out of the primary and he needs to appeal the people then a lot. You're going to form a group of people to be elected not just him. And I think. That's where people are going to have a say hopefully in policy and then can be pushing for things that they think matter but haven't heard by the Democratic Party. I think give. I don't plan to watch the RNC, but I'm sure going to pick up the highlights. They're gonNA try to portray without a doubt Biden as the most progressive the most liberal. Democratic candidate to ever run for press right and I think there. There is some truth that during the DNC the the. Progressive positions he's already taken the green new deal for instance, right and getting close to Medicare for all they that the DNC kind of downplayed that and. So. Some people calling foul, right Especially on the on the far, right right. But you just watch next week There's no way. Though I think it's an extremist exaggerated going to be an exaggeration. There's no way that the GOP is going to not portray Biden as easing but a flaming liberal. Interesting even though like within the party, they don't know right right already what? I mean I think they're they're big conundrum as they don't know quite how to. Label Biden nothing sticks. So the fact that last night he knocked it out of the park in in his closing acceptance speech I mean they had already set such a low bar that he has mental incapacity mental deficiency clearly, that's not the case. And that and then and the content of what he said I mean he made it very clear choice i. think that was true throughout the DNC all the all the big speakers. They're saying you know. And it's not just a referendum against trump it's like Biden represents. Not just decency but experience and. Unifying force in bringing us back together I mean what know what I heard was democracy is at stake, right? Right, right. Yeah I think the word you bring up decency has been brought up throughout the entire campaign trail. I remember when people to Judge Jala Hera's like. All these people dropped out all of their instagram posts for like I believe Joe Biden does a decent man and I think that's a big message they're trying to send but I think another message they they really tried to. Lay Down was. During a pandemic when people are losing their lives, you need an empathetic president. And that's why when you when you hear Joe Biden speech because I think Joe knows that. He's not like Barack Obama in terms of charisma or he's not like. Going to rain in like young voters, just like Bernie Sanders may be did. But one thing that he has experienced is loss.

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