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I wake up this morning pop on twitter and two two by two very happy surprise i find k marcos stooping down to my level in the mud getting his hands dirty jazz bodybag in losers on the internet i i said to john when i was growing up my mom never shut the fuck up she was always yelling and she's always been a bitch and stoned right she's and so so and so that was always just like background noise you know it's like she's always yelling nobody even pays attention and that's like me dave and while the other people here on at barcelos fucking mixing it up on twitter it's just like white noise my dad didn't say anything but when he spoke up like you knew your troubles and called shit my dad's pissed mellick you're done yes that when keith starts fucking when he starts get mad on the internet you watch out and so your latest you're you're like new victimizing latest because they're so fuel for between but it's this chick ginny y natalie cholera natalie wiener wiener nadal honor i get it sounds like a tech it's like s frozen winners so with just the lazy low hanging fruit upset that we called a college hockey goalie pretty the colder high was the hottest college athletes spinner mike such as hoscobic athlete in america and i said i'd be paying more attention to college hockey at the end of the book as the lazio's blog ever and her response was that this is fucking nause fucking nauseating this is so and she worship leisure report now eyes i had urged arrests as egner says the bleach report mag magazine which is like it's like the joke division of barstools of of of bleachers that's like the joke of the jail.

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