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But now from their first three matches. They've lost two of them and Frank enough to good well. And here's the thing we send fungus he's not going anywhere. Darren Eales had just a quick little show through his Rolodex to make sure he's got ROY huts and uncle. But like you do wonder there's so much talent still on that team. I know they lost Miguel. Maroon Greg Garza, I don't even I don't even care. They brought how does brek shea start ahead of with Andrew Carrollton. I don't get that. I mean, maybe Carlton is just not proven enough yet. And they think that brek shea offer something more than asking me out of that under seventeen team that went to the final was that against England or whoever deployed that US team. He he was one of the pick of the bunch. It's just I only bring this up because it's just funny to me how how early it is in the process, but how much were already starting to question things that Frank Deboer is doing and part of that is that they were very fortunate with the previous manager with Tottenham Martino. And it's hard to measure up to the standard that he set there. Did you sorry across did you listen to ten or twelve months interview with Frank? No prior the nod, and it was it was interesting. He now, so well, twelve and. Asked him about what happened at inter what happened to Crystal Palace? Oh, just seem as if Ronald was like, well, you need to wanted to change things than when you change things that takes time, and I don't know it was allowed to flex. He didn't seem to think that he wanted to say he foon. I don't know what I'm doing here. I don't mean that I'm just saying there was a lot of I don't know maybe nothing to do with him. I mean, I don't buy that interest. Although I am one of the people who said he deserved time in both those jobs three games. Okay. Let's see what you have is. Another thing that stood out for you L AFC provide the drama to win vs sporting KC soft. I season Andrew it seemed whether this is really true or not that NAFTA were the victim of late drama or the big comeback. They were never the recipient. As was interesting to see them turn the table somewhat with Adama demand days stoppage time winner look at what they have. They have Diego Rossi scored a brilliant goal. Demand a Kyrgyz via who could have had gold himself and that is an attack. That's got to count myself as one of the best. Maybe it's up there with the best. If not the best unit even mention Christian Ramirez, not didn't. I'm just telling them what I saw the game last night. And maybe they can be the team that emerges in the west while s sporting Kansas City, if you were looking at them you'd say is going to be an oatmeal strikes for them. So it was just interesting to see we all say it's the old adage well goals win games. And all that. But like they were resolute they went right to the end. And also one other note any thoughts of Zeus dog as replacement defender again for the US men's national team. No just look at those two goals. He was leading footed. Well, the last one on. They had Rossi's turn was wasn't was fairly just inside him. And stop was. I saw two as it's happening like Johnny Russell you can see in the background on the winning goal. He just falls to his knees. Checks like he's just like how how did we just let that happen? I think sporting Kansas City are going to be good. What I wonder will. They have the goals in them to be look. It's a tough ask the first game to go into that place. A cauldron water. Great atmosphere games. They're fun nam nam nam has three goals, including the cardiac champions eagles and that gold. So I'm not I'm not talking, but he's not consistent. So would say, you know, who else is back. JJ Jordan Morris is back. He is missed all of last season with a tornado that he suffered before last year in the cap Champions League. His first match back scores. Two goals to help propel Seattle tune opening day win..

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