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They're not off the rails they're all very much and on a radio and so you were observing the last that's all he's off on a tangent is made in that were off on a tangent but they're always off on a tangent we're we're observing tangents we're tangent observers is what we are we're analyst for for tangents I'm thinking I'm just thinking next week because I I really believe that politically the the the impact of the whole Bernie Sanders union thing this story has just been buried when you when you think about it just as a political story you know we've been talking about self inflicted wounds you want a self inflicted won't know yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah think about this Bernie Sanders next week well I'm about taking care of all Americans what about your your your pain your own employees who support you poverty wages right I guess he every single one of the candidates that are at between one and five points hitting him on there yeah yeah if they if they don't they just need to quit wide open I would repeat this over and over again to him if I'm a Democrat yeah how can you take care of America when you can't take care of your own employees yeah yeah how are you going to manage a budget windows you know how are you going to propose all these things how you can pay for college when you can't pay for employees for campaign right you can't even you can't even pay for your employees in your own campaign there in poverty they're screaming for social justice and you claim to be the leader of some sort of justice yeah just it's and and that's I mean that's I think the response when the response came out from the campaign that we're going to cut ours you're making every conservative point and every anti socialist point they can possibly be made yeah it's I it's one thing to roll over it's one thing to roll over even the Eric Swalwell but this is this is pretty much it this is this is the proverbial nail in the proverbial coffin of the proverbial Bernie Sanders get a I it is just what it's worse than a comedy it really is worse than some kind of Hollywood movie version of it because again we would look at that if Hollywood had written this and said that yeah you went too far if you really want to far you're you're over doing it there was a what was that the last season of homeland and they did this thing where they get where there was this conservative a guy that was on the internet and you know all the sudden he made himself the martyred the target of big government in the whole thing and and I thought yeah that's ridiculous behavior you know the guy came off as a a a a cross between I don't know Alex Jones and and any any other conspiracy theorist and you know it was just over the top and I thought to myself yeah there's Hollywood for you if Hollywood had written this Bernie story of this just this campaign season alone I would have said yeah you guys are are just great I mean yeah he he's not gonna win and he doesn't have the energy and he is wrong but this is just over the top had you had you written about this in particular especially the whole fifteen dollars an hour noon unionizing and all that and where did and and ended up this weekend no no no no go back and write it again and make it at least somewhat realistic yeah you'd be thinking yourself what what conservative right wing a hater of socialism wrote this screenplay yeah right yeah exactly and so I went out when he when the response came out that he was gonna cut the hours I said he's toast every single Democrat will because he still has depending on the polls he has between eleven and eighteen points from everybody wants that that's what you're going after right now if I'm in the second debate I'm like okay can I had bite anyone know bike but if I'm the first right everybody's going to want to be the first I believe all let me put it this way if I'm running and I'm if I like campaign person now this is a stretch if I'm a campaign person for one of the candidates that have one to three percent of the democratic vote right now yeah I want to be the first I want that first question right because I'm gonna turn around and say look we've got a lot of people they claim that they're liberal Bernie Sanders for example who claims to be you know the the the the liberal with the red good to look at this he pays his own people poverty wages that ought to disqualify him right there now Sanders will be here yes but you tell me that doesn't make a huge impact yeah no I I think that because you're basically escorting Sanders off the stage right here I mean I okay well well twenty sixteen at the Republican convention it was Ted Cruz being booed off the stage the whole vote your conscience booted off stage next summer well think of all the liberal socialist arguments right here's a guy that has been in Congress for decades yeah he owns three homes here recently bought a summer home he is what you would consider in the top one percent and he and pay the people that are closest to him to advocate for him to be president of the United States he can't pay them more than poverty wages he's a millionaire you can't you can't win that no no you can't win it mouth is just beautiful yeah it's just beautiful yeah yeah well you know I mean it frankly riding the coattails of the the occupy movement in twenty sixteen that's that's that's really how he got to where he was that was the energy behind Bernie in twenty sixteen no because the the remnants the only thing left by that time of occupy was okay we want our free college yeah you know I mean it was one thing that I want we're done we're done camping out and and US Central Park you know it leaving garbage everywhere we just want free college we we don't have anybody this big for us we just have people to talk to the media I mean it was just ridiculous and the remnants of that ridiculous movement was free college free college and and billionaires you know you deserve free college because the billionaire's all evil and therefore the billionaire should pay for your college and that was the it was the ultimate in as as well we have stated you know victim oppressor right yeah and he just but he just made in general anybody was to go to college the victim and the billionaire's with the oppressors because apparently they did something wrong so they your college education right and that really is all that came out of occupy Wall is interesting I think a lot of occupy Wall Street even on topic the only can occupy Wall Street was free college how did you pull that one off him nothing really stock it's not you you guys didn't even go up to the Federal Trade Commission come on nothing from Wall Street really eight eight you you even they and and they even just collapsed on the banks remember right it it was small banks we needed it was small banks we need to deal with small banks and remember we were the what remember we have the will to the Portland yeah by Wall Street the call right occupy Portland and and and it was and we were talking then we said we do understand that Dodd Frank will actually make it so smaller banks will go away what do you mean we explained it to him said it's already happening now right and they were they were dumbfounded they don't even know how to respond right you know that the democratic you're supporting are actually putting in a policy that ensures that the big banks get bigger right that it's harder for the small banks to compete they were dumbfounded by so even on that issue I maybe that was it after that they just said well we can't even if if we can't get that if we're not even with the bank thing right well let's just go to free college what what do they do in fact they said we couldn't find any small banks we wanted to do yes with so they put their money in one of the big banks I think we all forgot how to go yes yes they couldn't find yeah find a great plan to find a small bank very soon all of these reasonable Fargo Wells Fargo really really good and so we want to go with him plus they have a drive through this twenty four hours and we can go to the ATM anytime we want my gets hard it was just ridiculous and that's kind of what Bernie capitalized on and it was the kids standing around and it really wasn't the kids standing around that were part of occupy even they were the ones that had watched occupy on Facebook they weren't even the kids who were held in the park leaving the all the trash behind they were just going Hey you one of the well these people want all they want free everything and rich people to pay for Hey that sounds good and then they click the like button and then waited for Bernie to show up that's what happened and then all the sudden we when when this happened over the weekend I'm thinking to myself there wow I just thought even even not the conservative publications didn't bring it up but to me it is just the it is the biggest story so far in the primary because it was the biggest thing of self destruction right and and it and it will be used if it's not used in the debate by any of the majority of the twenty candidates then only have that looks was right the fifteen candidates that have three or less yeah right and they don't want to win no they don't because that's goal is that see that that's anywhere between eleven and eighteen or nineteen points depending on the poll that's all for absolute grabs because that is the kind of thing that you can not overcome as a liberal as the first if you wish to call the first sh socialist liberal right that's how he's portrayed he is and but a first socialist liberal a prominence I guess I can say he is in the Democrat party right who got caught not who got caught pain his ever unionizing making a big to do a lot of that pain his people poverty wages yeah I just I don't know how you overcome that yeah I I I don't I don't think you do eight look there was the momentum was was the quite well the negative momentum was accelerating to begin with so basically you just handed that negative momentum a huge huge chunk of wait to take it down hill even faster that's and and that was self inflicted and it was destined to happen and it wasn't hard to figure out we nailed it from the beginning because it wasn't hard to figure out we knew where it would go remember to in twenty sixteen we got.

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