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Brown. Very happy to have you with us Trending topics coming up here in the bottom of the hour. And then what It is like to live in a very, very tall, tall tower. With very, very expensive condos. It's never as good as you might think It is. All right. So let me get to Morgan Wall and now I have to be honest with you. I'm not familiar with Morgan Wall and I'm a big country Music fan, but sometimes I don't pay attention to what I'm hearing. Morgan. Wallet apparently, is one of the big stars and country music now. Don't know the guy. Can't can't speak one way of the other about his music. But he was caught on video. And why in the world people don't understand that no matter where you are in public, even if you're in your yard, the chances are good. Somebody's got a camera that you're part of right now. Always think about that. No matter where you are, there's probably somebody or something. Some entity company. Whatever. There's a security cam. There's some camera out there and you're in it. I thought we find out a lot of things. Always laugh. When I hear some guy gets arrested in Las Vegas. He's why I went to Vegas to disappear. Yeah, right, the most Cameron City in the country, and that's where you choose to go disappear. You want to disappear. Got a Butte. Even people who live in Butte disappear. All right. So Morgan Wallen was caught saying the n word in a drunken state while out with some friends and naturally The knee jerk reaction of everybody rather than offering gracious forgiveness. And trying to just move on and saying Lesson learned, you know better than that. No. Instead, we have to destroy that person and so all over the land. Anybody who has any connection with Morgan Wallen. Has said no more. He's out. We can't have this kind of thing. It's appalling. What's out little? This is unbelievable. His record company suspended his contract. Radio stations just dropped his music. We're not gonna play that guy anymore. Well, it's a few hours later. Morgan Wallen is now bigger than ever. He has the numbers 1345 and eight singles on iTunes, actually, most of the top 100 or his singles with 14. Floating around. Fans downloaded his records All day is two albums or number one and number two on iTunes. Another one sits at number 12 spot If I didn't drop him or do a thing is right there streaming away. It was roundly criticized by fellow country artists. But you know what? Apparently, Wallens fans don't care to them. It's much ado about nothing. And what is big loud records mean? When they say they've suspended him. He still records he's still getting paid. Say I saw that his record company had suspended his contract that I thought, I bet they haven't suspended taking in their commissions. But they haven't suspended taking in their royalties and I'm sure the money continues to roll in for them Right now. They're just outraged, but not so outraged that they won't take the cash. So most of this faux outrage. I have a feeling a lot of it is that we're supposed to be outraged. We're told. We're supposed to be. I can't believe what this man said. He is asked, begged for forgiveness. At some point does does anybody in this country anymore? Have any forgiveness left in their heart at all? I know nobody on the left does I see that reflected in their political choices on a daily basis, so I already know the answer there, but the rest of you You know, I This is back in the late nineties. I got Email from somebody. And it was as vile and nasty and awful thing. You know, I get emails like that and their Christmas party material. May I mean I really could not care less? Doesn't bother me, but this one was so personal and so violent, horrible I've kept it all these years and every now and then I look at it. I actually put it in one of these little plastic sleeves after I printed it up. And I thought to myself what would make somebody because you know, I'm kind of an innocuous guy. I have more people say Well, you know you're so opinionated, Like, Well, I don't know where you got that idea, but okay. No. But whatever reason, just my presence on the Earth offended this person and they took the time to sit down and tapped out that email and they're going to show me and Always showed me is this is somebody who has some serious problems. And it always comes down to the same thing. If I'm the biggest problem you have If Morgan Wallen is saying something that is offensive to the vast majority of civilization, if if his saying that is so horrible it that's the biggest problem you have to deal with. I envy your life. Because it's real easy to not be a part of that. I mean, it's real easy. On my case, you change the channel. Problem solved. That's all you have to do the flick of a button. It's done. Don't listen to Morgan Wallens Records. Everything's covered. You're good. Now your life is perfect like it was before. But clearly when somebody says these things, this whole cancel culture. This is not about the person that they're trying to cancel. This is about the person doing the canceling. This is an unhappy, awful human being who can't figure out why life didn't work out the way they thought it should work out for them, and they're taking out their bitterness on somebody else. I've seen.

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