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ESPN 1000. I'd like you to meet someone who's really session. It's black and abdominal real inspiration for what's on the grand at Black and Abdullah and at ESPN underscore Chicago. E think Sean wants him will be traded. It will be traded and when that happens There's there's gonna be fall out. Sorry. My headphones. They're all messed up. Now. This box below here is like totally messed up. I have the boy again somewhere else. Go ahead of no When Land lines are engineer. I'm seeing if he's in the building. Well, that's so much better lens on the billing. It just totally broke as I started to tell talk there, and he's not having a stroke. It happened. No one's worried. Listening to the show. You smell toast. Nobody like it started a good stereo. A ZAY started to speak, and I was like, I know I'm saying words, but that's not what I'm here. Maybe we were just playing some Children of bottom. Okay? No, we weren't. He was playing Ah, Van Halen right before before my headphones started. Get out. Yes. No employees back in. This is great. Fantastic. I'm sorry for that. Everybody. Here's your point. What was I saying to Sean Watson? He's going to be traded. And do I think he's gonna be traded to the bears? It's not likely he will be trade somewhere. And why thinks gonna happen then is Tom knows will then fall around the National Football League, and there's gonna be quarterbacks going all over different places. 18. If you believe the words of Adam Schefter, a team that has not really been talked about a whole heck of a lot in this scenario. The Dallas Cowboys. Where do they fit in this whole thing? Because I feel as if if the Cowboys get involved Jack Prescott is an easy option that you could pick off of this quarterback carousel and a musical chairs and you could land a quarterback for the future. That could set your team up for for success. I know you got Pam. At some point. You could make a lot of money. He was injured last season, but I'm okay. You dislocate the ankle. He's gonna be fine. I'm I'm confident that Dak Prescott is gonna be a good quarterback for a long time. I think that that's somewhere where we could set our sights on as bears fans and, like have some realistic Expectations that they could actually accomplish that. And so it would be Is Dallas. Interesting to Shawn Watson? Schefter told model and Sylvie that Every team should be interested in Shawn Watson. Except he listed the teams he listed Kansas City. Listen Buffalo. He listed, um Uh, let's see Cincinnati, I would say isn't nobody listened Baltimore he he listed like a couple others, I would say since throw Cincinnati in there and then basically everybody else. You know, over 20 teams. Did he say Seattle? Yes, Seattle was a team. Russell Wilson, Jacksonville 36. Jacksonville. Hey, did not say Jackson Bone, but it was talked about, you know, like Think Dallas is an interesting spot. Dallas is one to keep your eye on. If I being a bears fan, I would say Dallas is the one that I would hope. Chases after the big fish and Watson and then the Bears could swim in behind and pluck off. Jack Prescott for their success in the future. Like I think I think that is something that the Bears could actually go after. I don't think they have enough to get Watson. I think they could land act. Prescott, though. The Cowboys have 10 draft picks this year. See? And and Dallas is a team that they just got a new head coach Mike McCarthy, who we all know is terrible. And they had expectations coming into this season, and they were awful. They lost their quarterback and stuff to be great when you lose your quarterback early in the season, no matter who that quarterback is. Their team that has expectations of being the best in the in the National Football League and their team that wants to win with an odor. Was a bit of a gambler, and he wants to win. Yeah. Everyth I pick so they have what they have seven this year. I would just keep your eyes on the Dallas Cowboys and hope that they get hope They get some of the sent Some of the Watson sent so they can chase after For that big kill, and then the Bears could come in behind and pluck off. Dak Prescott. Do you think about that? So they have the Where is it? The 10th overall pick this year with the Lions that have seven And they have a bunch of picks. They have one in the first round one in the second round two in the third, two in the fourth one in the fifth, two in the sixth. And finally, one in the seventh, and they could get more like those air compensatory draft picks their projected to get four compensatory draft picks this year, so Okay, let's say you trade number 10 overall this year. You trade a first round pick next year. And then what else do you try? You just trading up a plethora of picks this year. Are you trading? Are you trading a majority of your draft picks this year and throwing the first throw like this year's first This year's third next year's first and, like throw stolen Watson area. Yeah, I probably would. Probably would, because I think his contract is going to be better than trying to re sign Dak Prescott, which is what they want to do, or franchise them. That would free up deck Prescott that would put him in the running for as a free agent quarterback to just sign with anybody and the Bears should be in on it. They can make of them. They'll move money around and make the money work. Don't move money around. You gotta move money around to make that work. I feel like there's different levels. There's like pie in the sky to Shawn Watson. Let's hope that the Bears could figure something out. Then there's guys at the next level that I think they could realistically get involved with and that involves Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford. That Ryan and then it kind of tears off from there. And then you're looking at OK is this veteran that might come off of the care the like musical chairs of quarterbacks. Better. Over drafting someone at 20 and then hoping they develop into that. You see what I'm saying. Like there. There's a point where these quarterbacks are going to be available. It's going to start the slide to the point where You could make the argument. Mack Jones might be a better investment, then say. Jimmy Garoppolo, like If Garoppolo is available or chair golf are available 40 Niners and the Rams two teams possibly looking for a quarterback if they jump into the pool, and they get a Watson they get after Dak Prescott. Me. It would be just like, go go draft someone, Mac Jones and hope he turns out to be better than Jimmy Garoppolo or Jared Goff. Yeah, I'd rather I would even throw Sam Donald into that mix and conversations. They're gonna wait until the draft process plays out. Not like who they're going to draft, but they're going to see If the show on Watson's moved before the draft, and then they might make their move. Who knows? I mean, If someone wants that 20th overall pick, you probably shouldn't wait until after the draft. Try to trade because it's it's not a It's not available. You can watch the show on Twitch, ESPN 1000 Chicago Big Dollar dollar, Dave says Doc is going to need a year mentally to get over the snapped leg that he just had just being honest. It's football. Couple injuries happening. Guys show up the next year, and they're OK. Get out there. Shawn Watson was fine after his injury. I think they're football players are wired different man. Football is different. If you feel fine. I think you're going. I mean, look it I was talking about Look at Stafford Stafford went out there. It was just like, Look, if I'm cleared, I'm playing will be painful..

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