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Shooting trainer giveaway. This is a giveaway. That i had been talking about on. The last. Few episodes of the product of podcasts has been going on for a month. Maybe two now we had previously given this unit away to somebody that tried it once and realized that he wasn't going to get the value out of it. That could be gone out of it. Just based on what he does and how. He shoots sporting clays and stuff in the off season so he and i came up with an idea to offer this unit backup forgive away with this specification that it went to a youth shooting organization ultimately. This is a trap shooting trainer. It's a really really cool tool design by garmin. That can do a lot of awesome stuff. And gary very quickly realized that and again we came up with the idea to put it back up for giveaway as long as it went to a youth shooting. Kept it pretty informal. I asked for people to submit entries on behalf of a particular youth shooting group and just to tell us a little bit about that shooting group how it might be used and we got a whole bunch of entries. They kind of slowly filtered in over the last month or two. And all i can say is i wish i had a garment zero s one to give to everyone that entered but at the end of the day we only have one in a winner has been selected. And i'm going to at this time. Read the nomination letter that was submitted on behalf of the winner. So i'm going to read that email. That i got right now. So email is from bruce and he writes. Hi nick. i'm contacting you without the knowledge of a lifelong pheasant enthusiast. Who happens to be the coach of not one but three minnesota high school trapped teams. His name is bob brussel. He's a retired police officer. Who founded the trap team that is shared between the academy of holy angels and the richfield high school. He also coaches trap to the students of east view. High school as you know clay target shooting also holds the distinction of being the.

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