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Them who will win michigan our minnesota line is they thought they were to get rich but they went bankrupt on that oh wow the how is islam's third in turn out no that's exactly right but it they didn't do a very good job at it but those items today are highly flexible and a lot of and very very need items and john in i have them in our collections for the research wanna talk about another inspirational story about the little brown jug and we've all heard ability taylor number forty two nineteen 69 boashan by close first year michigan traveled the minnesota and this was the first time billy tailored travelled with the team he was a sophomore and he got to go there because i believe it was glenn doughty got injured he couldn't play so glenn doubt i think it was glenn doughty stayed home and billy got to go and that was his first game first travel gown played very sparingly before and he had his breakout game and became famous in michigan foot paul history it's just not touchdown billy taylor great touchdowns in only taylor because in the game and 19 sixty nine his first game that he ever really play really us some exactly he rushed for one hundred sixty six yards and he scored two touchdowns as well so with that being said billy taylor hit a break out performance 19th sixty nine now in conclusion when it comes to the jug it's just a wonderful wonderful history and i don't know if you're going to ask any more questions we kind of giving you good synopsis on i have i have some anna i know you have one is well i got one question for both of you who was the first player to win the little brown jug four consecutive times obviously in the recent years under bo michigan a dominant but who was the first player to win the little brown jug four consecutive i'm gonna go this is just raynham just kind of thrown out there i'm gonna go by champios in the mad magicians bank in the 40s but first been weren't playing them yes j j so well i.

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