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Time for one. Richmond and Henrico health officials are advising people who frequent Bryan park than a stray cat that was a little visitors. There has tested positive for rabies. The cat is described as a female short hair feline with black and white paws and Chen, it was taken into custody by Richmond, animal care and control. After a park visitor from Henrico was bidden Richmond health districts, George Jones. An abundance of caution Justice safe. We want anybody who know might have been exposed to pay attention to that. And make sure that they don't have any problems down says anyone who may have encountered the cat from February ninth to February nineteenth is at possible risk for rabies and should contact their local health department wants symptoms show, and humans rabies is usually fatal power lines. Cut through one of the nation's most historic areas in Virginia are in danger of being taken down over claims that they spoil the view. A federal appeals court has ruled today that the US army corps of engineers failed to fully consider the project's impact the line stretched across the James river near Jamestown island, the site of England's first permanent settlement the lines were recently energized. But the US court of appeals for the district of Columbia circuit says the core has to prepare a full environmental impact. Statement and review alternatives and ex Hanover teacher from Richmond has been sentenced in a hacking scandal that has come to be known as celeb- gate the story from W RV as Matt DEM line. Christopher Brennan sentences thirty four months, which was agreed to as part of a plea deal. Brennan hacked, according to the feds more than two hundred people some students and teachers some celebrities the celebrity photos made their way out into the broader internet Hanover scores placed on leave once they learned he was being investigated. And then let Brandon go it was able to get into accounts by using phishing emails or by researching social media, dancer security questions, met them wine. Newsradio w our special counsel. Robert Muller has signaled today that it shouldn't take long to prosecute President Trump's longtime confidant Roger stone ABC's. Aaron Katersky has more in a new court filing. Federal prosecutors with the office of special counsel. Robert Muller said the trial for Roger stone would take between five and eight days. Stone is charged with lying to congress about involvement in what prosecutors have said was his effort to keep the Trump campaign informed of stolen democratic e mails released by WikiLeaks. Stone has denied it a judge recently imposed a strict gag order. After stone posted a photo of the judge with a crosshairs in the background. A civil rights complaint has been filed with the US department of education on behalf of a Florida's sixth grader who was arrested after he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance and triggered a confrontation. The complaint says the eleven year old civil rights were violated by eight reprisal for exercising. His constitutional, right. Not to say, the pledge that'd be wary fort that Lawton Chiles middle academy also says the school resource officer unlawfully arrested and committed battery on a child police say the student was disrupted.

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