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Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into the liberty report with us. Today as chris rose any are co hosts chris. Welcome to the program to be with you. Dr pool very good chris. You and i've talked about What are subjects you will be today. And it has to do with an article written by one of our staff people adam dick and his up on their rpi site and he goes into some of the dangers. We've talked about this Daniel and i certainly have. And you and i have to the dangers of this passport. Saying you know the mess of it especially the vaccine passport. So a distortion of medical care and civil liberties it's just the horror and he points that out as main theme of his article was that You know it's it's a vaccine passport and there are some very short cars but the biggest one is morph into something else and it'll be a vaccine at Is is the universal passport. And that's what we want to talk about today. The potential dangers of that. And i think we already see that happening One of the most disturbing things that I've had to watch and see is when there's when there's a argument or a concern about this The administration and the cdc are getting tremendous support from the big big businesses corporations. And it seems like they're always already using as a tool maybe they're succumbing to pressure from the government because governments have a lot of control over social media in sometimes people and social media or the banking system or whatever are sympathetic to what they're trying to do there sympathetic to one world government and they sort of go along with it but From the very beginning. I think Most libertarians have been very very leery of this and it's getting Worse in some regards. chris i have to admit i keep my fingers crossed always looking for you know a better outcome and Even though the is becoming more determined it's becoming international and yet at the same time. We're seeing that. The resistance is building so if we don't do anything else other than give the people who tend to want to resist and think they should resist and they need some ammunition to resist some of this Authoritarianism at growing along with growing around the Universal passport the vaccine passport so That is our goal today. So chris Let me have a couple of words about vaccine passports. Yes thank you. Dr paul and i do recommend everyone Adam is a great writer. At the ron paul institute website. He writes a couple times a week and he always comes through..

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