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Months in and then it just went haywire. After and she came up while she was thriving at like she was doing really well without them. But it's almost like they were direction lists when it's a made for tv gimmick. So why is it that this person who's thing was that she was like crazy. Unstoppable why the thing become now that she's just sweet and lovable and kind of goof. So so i. I'll get my initial reaction i saw and i did not like it. The superhero gimmick thing. I still sorta don't when i saw it. I tweeted de-fund vince mcmahon. This outrageous is just absolutely outrageous. And then i saw a tweet from her husband who was Killian dane a who was also insanity and then he clarified that you know this was her idea and that you know. She came up with the concept art. She worked with the with somebody to design the year. And that w just giving her a shot to like make or break her own idea. And while i still don't like it. I also sort of like well. You know what. It's good that vince greenland and was able to be supportive of something that i mean. I would love to know what that was like because in this early stages feels absolutely ridiculous. But it's also sort of damned if you do damned if you don't events where if he didn't support her then the thing would be that w such unsupportive place and they saddle people with these ridiculous gimmicks whether happened. They don't allow this idea so it's like he's still gonna catchy because you know he greeted it. You know people are saying well you should have said no i. Okay go ahead. I'm sorry i i'm sure. Nikki crosses a very nice by the. She's a rick. I'm sure she's a greg. It is a ridiculous gimmick. She came out and did like the hurricane. Helms thing where she liked points at the sky and does all the gyrations but not ironically it was as if she act like she was actually being like a kiddy superhero hurricane. Was kitty superhero. Although i ron he knew it was a joke. No he did yes he did. It was your so robak back and watch the tape. He had he had alter ego he had he had Gregory helms was his catt exactly played. He played a straight exactly. it was a hurricane. Homes was in ironically stupid character. Shane helms doing the same thing that she was doing. No i don't wrong. I don't know that. I i think i agree with us g. He was like a straight superhero. It wasn't like an ironic. I don't think that hurricane knew that it was absurd. I think the character of hurricane was like overdone on purpose. No the car. So was what's happened with her. But i hope so. That's what i assume. It is by the way. I can't believe i made that entire conversation talking about barbecue and never played the drop that i added today. I got to tell you. I m a breast man through and through. Yeah confirmed boy. I'm sorry about that. And that wasn't even the one. I thought it was because i thought they sent me something else It helps if she's of course being ironic about ironic about it Either way guys even if she's ironic about it. I mean i don't know. I still going to take the wait and see approach. Initially i like i'm with a didn't it felt very ridiculous especially because it came out of nowhere even with the explanation of just like her confidence being boosted. Because she really she beats charlotte and she's doing these amazing things now. She believes herself god. It still wasn't an explanation at the promo was point. Yeah the promo was terribly written and the camera work at in the promo was corny man. It was rough. That was a rough one. I would say this entire episode of raw. That peter and i watched together was really really promising. You had john morrison good episode. I think you have until you. You had john good episode and then it crashed and burned at the end. I'm gonna tell you why. Because john morrison who you wouldn't expect to have regardless of riddles nonsense. You know is and now in the money in the bank match which is awesome. We love marcin. And we're happy that someone in the true mid card is going to be give it a shot where happy that riddle i believe is in it as well. Is that correct. Who else made it into the match. The winners of the qualifiers do you remember alexa. And in the men's nikki cross made it. I think that was. It was just The two months while cloud okay. So far so far we have ricochet versus john morrison versus riddle versus. Aj or randy or drew mcintyre. Okay versus forum. That's why it crashed and burned because you had all the people that we see way. Too much of winning. Drew mcintyre and randy. Orton all of a sudden. They're out of the money in the bank and then next week they get one more show. It's like come on. can't it. just be mid card. People getting the shot for the money in the bank if drew mcintyre wins the money in the bank. I'm taking a month off. That's the that's the most you'll give. I was hoping you'd be more dramatic. He's not committed. he's not. I wanted to say you're quitting. You're out you're i quit..

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