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We're just talking to tommy bailey. tommy runs. Who was on the podcast a few weeks ago. This wasn't on the episode. But we were talking outside of that about the He was saying that The best way that a brand can support from underrepresented communities is to invest in that businesses. Invest in that creates about. Let's invest in the things that they are working towards And so i would love to hit like if you if that's the same way that you'd look this with truck smith allowing people to really have a chance have the opportunity to really see what they can with some support and yet what. What track smith giving you. This opportunity has meant to. You may not think. I erased by that in that day. Out here supporting. What what we wanna do what artists are trying to do. As opposed opposed to trying to control control a lot of times when people get involved with grants is like your getting out or with that and in in in this. Donald ship is more like tracks. Smith is getting on board with our men. And i think that that's the thing i think that. That's that that being the seed that i wasn't even i felt like i wasn't even really turned into efforts because expectation is that you're gonna kit on board aircraft but just as dot this whole year green fellows at seeing how supportive they are in how they they have just created a space and a support for us to do is a beautiful thing. It also took some time to get a new so be not used to that type of experience but i think that's a blueprint for how brands should be working with communities just communities general. I mean we're we're super grateful. Honored to be the recipients of the fellowship especially the first years that you know that it's happening and also to be you know hip hop music artists. Because i think for us to be the only hip hop project. That was selected is also huge. Because it's you know it's big for new york city it's fixing all of us in our communities and it's just big for the culture so if also pressure in our sense for me because i want to dwell by this situation right like the project and building it up going towards the new york city marathon. So we're working on music Contents together so expect some really really cool stuff happening But i think that that that adds to it is like it's we don't have a label. We don't have traditional stuff behind us. It's me and rush the do everything behind the scenes and make our music are going communities like we handle everything and so to have a team of people that are behind the scene saying okay. What do you need. And it's not just the finances the actual energy and support who would of the connections. What are the networking. What are the what are the resources this is the thing could use. Try this those are the things on the the steps that you can use to level up. And that's what we need more visibility to what we're doing you know a lot of times. You know good good. Things don't travel as fast as bad news right like bad news. Everybody knows that something happened and immediately right twitter. Everybody rumson the bad news but imagine if good news erupted in that way. Wow there's good things happening here and like how the poverty could explode so it's also china. See an experiment really can music and can run. Running can can hip hop and all this coexists can all come together. It's something really ready for the community. I don't i haven't seen any other hip hop something like this. And i think that is also part of what makes it dynamic is willing to trial a winning. Say yes we wouldn't just jumped and see what happens and you know. We're just grateful for this opportunity. You know for for big pond and the beat nuts and it's not. They didn't have an opportunity like this to say let. Let's go around. That are way you know if they had to do different things so super grateful for this opportunity for sure. I mean installed that i think is always a risk involved in in people. You know no no the culture. Anyway that you're going to support this. I think we both sides you. Okay how does this stuff actually come together like we. We embody every day new. Lives this right. So we live in the rapid and abroad an audit and fitness. Right before them on the trackside they might not have you know. They don't know so they taking a risk to get involved with us where we take interesting along with that and it's just a exercise trust and belief and faith that everybody is on debt in an so far everybody has been in it. I think that's really a beautiful day. I think it comes to the core of the world runners. You like the fact that we're not we're not like it's not a gimmick Patio like we actually will pull up on you. We will run with you. We will run out in these streets. We have run marathons run five. So it's not like it's like oh we're hip hop artist and you have a music and we were like it's like a emit to sell. It's like no. This is actually who we are. Come come with a come on this journey on this side of as i think that that's also what makes it special and why they invested in us because they know that we all we say we are you know they mean a point being genuine and having integrity and when you have those two things it's easier to trust somebody that's genuine has integrity z. Trans yup being real with people. I mean. say about the our dog's like you'll after you've got a marathon so just broken down me real. And that's the meat is one of the beauties of running general recite when it when it breaks you down to your most wars for ryan hall. You connect with people at that moment. You build people at that moment and you get to see the people really are and so you know that. That's s we. Strive all the time like you know. They say keeping rossana cliche nowadays. We're trying to keep the real as much as possible at real would ourselves with the world around us all grow a trust with the running community you know is all real and we stop for reality. The bad everything. In between i love that i love faith view and being running for real. You're absolutely right in the right place of what you just said. Oh god i got the trademark quote. I did read. I definitely think that would have been snapped up by now so you tell the listeners. Just to finish up got some new tracks coming out doing some showers. Obviously a lot of these are going to be in the new york area but If someone can make it. Or if they can't is there a way they can follow along With what you're up to in the for the rest of the year..

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