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Kentucky. And it's morning. News time for sports. Here's pro Roger baseball nuts. Another mid win last night. They are eight and one in such games. Now after taking care of northern Kentucky last night eleven to two day McDonnell seven pitchers to the mound last night. And it struck out a total of fourteen better cocaine. And we got talented arm. Can you guys a commendable sometimes these younger guys doors much, but they're super towns? Disdain showed. Yeah. How good are pitching is. And how good they work today. The mid week games or top got some big ones coming up looting. One at Kentucky next week, Tyler FitzGerald led the way offense. He went three for five with three extra base hits. Louisville bats also were winners last night winning at Columbus. Six two two after trailing two nothing came on late to get the win behind Josh van Meter's two home runs. The reds wall of the Marlins fourteen to nothing they had five home runs including three in a row. Matt Kemp Suarez. And Scott shetler went back to back to back in the six inning. Cincinnati ends an eight game losing streak with that win yesterday. Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki announce he's retiring from the NBA the forty year old kept us plan secret until the end of his final home game last night. Eski played a record twenty one seasons with the same franchise scored thirty points in his last game last night at one twenty to one zero nine win over the Phoenix Suns fourteen time all-star and Dwayne Wade also played his final home game talk to folks pre-game crabby.

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