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Uh good after give hey bro rats the podcast four degenerates by degenerates. It is todd McCullough's. That's not I I'm. I'm Tony Dick's. That's who speaking to my right is todd mccombs. That's me I'm speaking my way left. A lot of hours left is guppy guppy. How are we buddy good? How are we doing boys? Awesome saved ourselves. Yesterday was look. Hey Nice sort of a lot of randolph on the action APP where Talknet do yep there and then we ended up five three and one could have been six three and one the yankees raise got rained out so that's gets pushed to today a little fun fact there. I'm still go with the Yankees and Diego Bingo. Herman Not Diego stupid stupid a little off today. I told toddler before we came in here. I had a national chicken sandwich yesterday. Apparently they marinated in helping juices just for twenty four hours before eight it. I know that after eight it boys the stomach in butthole having a rough morning not that you guys needed to know that the gut funk so you gotta work out in this morning though yeah yeah you know what you came into town you inspire out you hawk inspired me. I've taken inspiration <hes> straight to the straight to the trip to the Dome Doing Summer Bod Ready by about mid October Yip. I figured <hes> I have to be in shape football season. Okay that makes sense <hes> because once football season starts they slippery slope downhill my it is there's not a lot of good doering. Football's can't get you eat salad while you're watching a football game lot of beers a lot of pizza and guess what there's football on Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday. That's almost it's almost as early do so college football now. I don't know I noticed fifty yesterday to N._F._l.. And College starts like a week before so probably not thirty if I were to guess over under thirty July August eighteenth does not is not win College Football College football the true opening weekend of college football is Labor Day weekend <hes> last year and I think this year again. There's always a game like the week before in Australia <hes> but I don't know if that's happening again. I probably should know that as the host of the show brought we'll be ready for it though that's all me can good nice and trampoline machine. It's good to get lead right before you put it all. I heard it's really good for your body if you lose thirty pounds and then gained eight thirty pounds every single year through the right side we do how many N._F._l.. Games are we're going to do on Fridays. What do you mean like how many we gonNA pick all right one? I don't know fucking sixteen. I love them beautiful. I'm okay we'll do our best pets <hes> and then you have some leads in the news some games where you're staying away. I'm we'll probably talk about all sixty if I if I guess if you're GonNa lay off of one you're probably going to want to say why yeah exactly yeah I mean I'm sure the schedule will change a little bit in the fall with probably I assume so <hes> but you know I mean we're GonNa talk about every single game because there's people who want information on every single game for sure it's N._F._l.. What are we talking Gobi Gobi? Let's go why just kind of question all right the right side last night Arizona. I five who's pick was that he ended up. It was mine easy win fourteen to three after five Diego. I five minutes the half who's pick raise your hand yeah that implants Andrey's nice w they're almost almost a no no paddock is back. He's back Oakland Note. Did you know they got Paddock for Fernando Rodney years ago from the Marlins hilarious thing about the Marlins if they had let's just off the top of my head not enough research to do a complete thing but if they had paddock and they had gene Kernen for all right be Fernandez Giancarlo Stanton our friend with brewers who for some reason his name is slipping me yell at thank you Christian Yelich I mean that's a solid start to team to solve their `instead. Jeeter came down sold everyone to the Yankees destroyed the entire franchise in here. We are <unk> feeders Oakland. I five mine is the half raise your hand boy todd good w there thanks in Colorado. I think this is you gumby. I five push push. That's fine. We'll take pushes. Some idiot took the under thirteen and a half in Colorado and San Francisco. They scored twenty runs in the game. That's hand up that one was. Is On me monster game played in the air. Blame there on that little very fucking. They're fucking Fin Cincinnati. I five plus a half. I think a few of us were on that one <music>. I'M GONNA save still on the right because if it was today I make that exact same bat again and that's on the right side isn't about it was only to well. I was only to Atlanta I five if money's the half they were down to well. That's okay <hes> Saint Louis six five congrats Dodd. Thanks Buddy you want even I gave ships. Sorry sorry about your your buckles that happens <hes> not a great start post all-star break but they'll be back my reds. That's what did they do. Buck does battle <HES> and over ten medicine <hes> twins we got to eighteen runs their great for Tony All right Oh and the game that didn't happen got rained out or whatever <hes> like I said earlier the Yankees and raise <hes> <hes>. I'm a little worried. That got changed day game. I don't know how the pictures are GonNA react but I'm still doing with the eggs in that one <hes> but that leads us into our best bets for Ted Day Guppy. You know what your guest from Canada. Won't you lead us off for your best today. I'm going to hop on that Tampa Bay Yankees game as well but I'm going to do the under five and a half first game or second game first game. The starters aren't out for the second one unless you have the I do have Chuck Mino. Chucky chucky mourns going okay well. I'm GONNA hop on that if he's on the mouth of I five under ten out of thirteen times for Torino's Yankees. I five hundred seven straight games. Oh what did you get that little stat stat I five under in the first game of the double header in that game yes at five and a half in. I am going with the the Yankees I mean so there we are I mean that's we're just attacking that fucking game and you know what before we get into <hes> before we get into that any further <hes> we'll just. Let's talk about the second game real quick <hes> because I'm taking it. Nothing is my best back because I don't know who's going for the Yankees but I don't care <hes> the reason why I don't care is Tampa Bay rays have not been great at hitting so far <hes> post all-star break or not postal last month or so <hes> and Charlie Morton is on the mound for the race and has been absolutely fucking unbelievable this year eleven to it's got like a one point nine e._r.. A <hes> in July Hi June and July he's got a two point six on the entire season. Chuck Board Has Been Fuck. Sorry two point three on the entire season. Chucky morning has been absolutely ridiculous a win that game does come out. I can't pick it right now because it's not an on my thing either because the Yankees seven announced starter but when it does come out I think take the first five under just for that game gambling. Thank you you on the same page there Gubbay Yeah I any times Morton's on the mound. I'm Reid and he's got a rubber. Our vantage just slings it in their beautiful full. He's been good for so long. Great former pirate really good on the Astros when they won the World Series Years Will Yep Him Garrett call twelve thousand others. I love go down memory related on the <unk>. It's unbelievable mid. Hey come here. Get good in. We'll ship you to someone who can pay you. It's a and then we'll trade the farm for Archer fucking. Don't even bring all right. I taught your best Bedford Oakland Money Line Minnesota taking the dogs they are six one. The last seven starts by Mike Fires. He hasn't given up more than one earned run in a game since June Eleventh Mike Fires. I is on fire. Twins are one in four when Cao Gibson starts at home against a winning team. Take the Dulls Instead Double Double Stab Donald Damp twins are a little cold Gibson's been shit lately. He's a fucking farce. That was my word of the day dictionary the somewhere <hes> I anthony to Guilio for my best bet of the day I'm taking the Houston Astros minus one seventy. It's not too bad. It's the Astros that Wade Majlis on the mound Wade Mile. He's been absolutely very very very very good. <hes> <hes> it's it's Wade Mile. He's very very good for how much he's bounced around the League. He's been steadily good most of his career. Yes and he's going against the angels who or twenty third versus left-handed pitching so nice little match up there like that and then on the mound for the Los Angeles Angels. We have the Dark Knight Matt Harvey who in <hes> June had a nine point something your a he's really just hasn't he did have good start his last sounding but I don't. I actually makes me more confident because I don't think Harvey's putting back to back good starts together especially against Houston so Gimme Gimme. The Houston Astros there for my best bet is that what do you think what do you think happened to Harvey. I don't l. man he party will go see. Party drunk he was missing Shit. David Will David Wells spun a no hitter on Bender. I mean listen constitution. There's gamers. You can't yeah I mean I. I used to refer organization where a guy threw a no hitter on l._S._D.. So it's it's all about how you can in apparently Matt can't handle his <hes> okay. Those are best bets <hes> <hes>. How many other bets do you boys have each have three you got three? I got to more okay. I have to more as well so we'll start with todd. Go Buddy <hes> Saint Louis Cincinnati today. I'm taking the first five under five and a half runs. The reds are be the reds are D- safest. I five lender bet in the league. The first five undercover sixty point two percent of the time for the reds <hes> the game under his covered and tanner ORCs last four starts. He's on the hill that I Dakota Hudson. Let's and starts for the cards eight and four three point four eight. I know what you're saying pretty fucking good he is. That's why we're taking the under. He's also the reds are not going to score much. I don't know what's going to happen. When these two pitchers leave the game anybody know what's going to happen? Both in there and it's going to be a lot of scoring uncle gender generous uncle Tony's also on the under five and a half their tar cards got a lot of sneaky young arms all of a sudden to this year cards and reds ads twentieth and thirtieth versus pitching over the last month Tanner Rourke one point six E._R._A.. For Saint Louis on the season as you said to go since been good Buck Ken Android the only reason rooks last outing wasn't good there is a six hour fucking rain delay the guy sitting and the fuck of really fucking Fed dumpy. Yes sir go. I like the d-backs feedbacks getting plus half against the brewers thing against fucking.

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