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North valley community foundation, and we'd love to encourage. Others to go ahead, and please give to these families who have lost so much, and we will let him you say, and we will do that. Absolutely. Of course. 'cause that is you, and that's one of the reasons why we come to expect Salesforce to get the finest people in the country because that's your top priority. The the numbers here are bid stunning in the sense that you're really still talking about beating numbers by hundreds of millions of dollars. Even when people did not expect this to be an important quarter. Because so many people worried about a worldwide slowdown. I don't see a slowdown around the globe. As a matter of fact, I seat excel ration-, particularly in Europe. Jim. We see hitting our big goal, which is twenty two twenty three billion dollars in revenue within two fiscal years by school year, twenty two and the Dow tighten that up here. We are we're giving fiscal year twenty guidance for the first time at sixteen billion. We are really excited. Salesforce remains the fastest growing enterprise software company of all time. That's incredible. Now what for instance, I'm looking at the numbers I compiled for what you could do for fiscal fourth quarter twenty nineteen guidance next quarter, you blew the revenues away in terms of what you give a forecast, but the everyone's focused initially order. I mean, Jim these revenue numbers are incredible. When you say. Great basin for the quarter. Right. Awesome. I'm saying that people should be focused on the ravaged because that's how I gauge your strength. Well, you can see we had a great quarter. The third quarter was phenomenal. You see we're giving phenomenal guidance for the fourth quarter. And I hope you know, certainly, we're all praying and hoping to improve on that by the way. And now we can see a strong fiscal year ahead in fiscal year twenty as well. I don't think the company has ever been stronger, Ben a better position. And the reason why is every company that we're dealing with is going through a huge digital transformation and every digital transformation. Jim begins and ends with the customer, and you just look at one of the largest deals. We did this. This quarter is a nine figure deal with one of the largest banks in the world. And they're just rebuilding how they deal with their customers. That's an amazing amazing story for us just to see everybody. Go through the strengthening nine figure Gil would mean, basically that the redoing everything is customer facing. Everything that is customer facing for one of the top five financial institutions in the world. And another one that I can give you the actual name for is doing something just as exciting a CitiBank, and you know, Michael NFL tastic job is CEO city, we've been working on the retail transformation there and this quarter. They opened the door for us. And now we're doing the wealth transformation as well. We couldn't be more excited about everything that CitiBank is doing. It's Michael corvette is this. So I think this people who are trying to understand the enthusiasm. You know, I've had for your stock since was at eight dollars. They're trying to figure out. Okay. Why does city need Einstein? Analytics why do they need a marketing cloud? I mean, it's just a back. Well, every company is transforming their relationship with their customer, and we're going from a world where if you don't have a digital one on one relationship with your customer. You're just not going to be that successful. And you can look at some of the huge successes that we've had in the quarter. And I've got some great stories to tell you, Jim. But you know, one of the stories that I love is Uber. Of course, we've all called are Uber. Well, goober has a tremendous need to have a relationship not only with you the consumer. But also with the driver their own internal operations. That's been exciting story with us. And as we've been able to improve our relationship with their and other executives in the company we've seen them with really transformed their relationships with their customers. So I have a lot of partnerships last time I saw you as out that we are excited about the app partnership. This does that blurs your producers ulcers at two three year transformation. Spent a great opportunity for us..

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