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The principality's of moldova in malaysia had them let's a more common history then transylvania transylvania at a totally different history because of their geographic location but the principality's or moldova in malaysia which was the socalled romanian principalities they shared a lot in history although they were separate for a very long time now is actually sit up in 1859 through the unification of moldovan malangke in the sixtenths untrue they read the separate the principality different fronts the provinces independent ones or yes they went independent uh all the time they were under the sovereignty of the ottoman empire but they were not part of the ottoman empire like other parts of europe saw so when the druze arrived from the ottoman empire in late march or to go because it was under the in the in the autumn the orbit yes yes yes and they settled in bucharest because it was a very good down transit place for trade trade between east and west this was a very good route for the ottoman goods to reach western europe and from western europe to reach the ultimate end the orient in general and when the askenazi come where most of the cannot these came actually after the cossack massacres of bogdan khmelnitsky and sixty and forty eight forty nine so it was mostly after sixteen fifty that they started settling in big numbers especially in moldova less in malacca oh whether they came later so in moldova they came in big numbers at the end of the 17 th century and in bucharest the jewish community was predominantly father even any terms does the sephardic community in bucharest was the most long live the but it was never the biggest at well except for the beginning when it was the only one here but after the arrival of the askenazi the askenazi jews so very soon outnumbered the sephardic jews.

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