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Five two eight one four forty four ten if you don't like calling you can go online at TMN dot com that's O. T. A. M. I. N. N. dot com no L. you know if you want to protect your life savings and you want to grow it in a down market you can't do that with a broker adviser they will only have you an op strategy which you mentioned earlier the they want to collect fees are for your money we talk a lot about self directed how important it is to take control of your own money and have your best interests is it just as easy as asking your money manager to do that or take your money from them or is it the gonna give you a hassle well aid your money is is it easy to ask absolutely you can ask him anything you why are they going to give you a fight sure because every dollar you take away is a dollar that they're not earning any asset fees on so it but you have the ability to set up a self directed IRA if you want to put money on that you still get the the tax deferral but now you don't have any fees and you have many more choices that you can invest in so just to clarify that al if someone has a money manager can they roll it into a self directed sure the if you you know you want to make sure that that there are certain rules certain restrictions but we can help you identify those but you can always set up your own self and self directed IRA and then you can most of the time depending on your age you can roll your four one K. into a self directed IRA but either way we'll show you how to better control your four one K. is also how to set up an account that you can control where you don't have any fees you have many more choices especially in a down market that's because that it's almost as important or more important to make money in a down market then up market because every time you have a down market the return you have to get just to get back to where you were before is much greater your down fifty percent you have to be up a hundred percent that's that's not what you want to do you want to make sure that you make money when the market's going down then when it turns to go back up you're in much better position to make more money on the then the new game also what if you just want to keep what you have and have more money to invest when the market after crashes Ingalls back up and that's where you really you know yeah this is a huge opportunity that we're gonna see in our lifetime here when this market goes down and I'm not here trying to scare you it's just the reality of it and you should take advantage of it learn the skills through education and build those skills to generate income during your retirement years and keep that so you can live the life that you choose to live in yeah we're in we're not biased as to direction we'll teach you how to trade any market conditions and I want to give away some tickets I know you want to learn how to self correct your four oh one K. is or your IRA's V. you need help potentially rolling it into a self directed and you know there's things that you can do.

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