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Things. You should do it for the seventeen. You couldn't like like. I didn't want him was he didn't kill the had a hard time dealing with my brother's death so that i wanted them sessions and then that was i was good see. That's that's really nice that they provide this service. This why these these heroes. The omar new jersey transit. They they put my sean before we take a break we got. We are finished right. Let me taste anyone driving. Don't know when. I'll drive into new york jane. We're hearing all these people. Shout out these names and all these platforms that we on. You're getting a lot of loving that chapel. Have you been shot at you miss that. Don't get mad because you you say your name is broadcast on multiple multiple platforms all over the show. Have you been in a situation where one of your coworkers was in a relationship with fell in love with another coworker. Like some kind of like like love triangle. Kind of thing. Have you ever seen that all plan. Maybe that's everybody's job. No wait a minute. Nope wait a minute she was. She's there on the front lines. And i'm not saying any names i so you seem like a like a man. And you know he's married or whatever he is and then he starts relating with a number who is also. It's so normal that it doesn't even shock you at this point right now at all so it's business as usual like oh god this guy. Has it ever been a time. Where one of the young ladies of men just like confided in you for two minutes to talk about what they were going through at the job and his love of love fest. Yeah a whole lot of that down here. Let me tell you it. Embarrassing in barrington. Okay ragging the by and demand is worse than women. Yes they are the mandate and they run name. Oh my god like Like that at all. And you go. I talk about it. Well so i guess there is a lot to talk about. And i want to ask omar in the chat room. Has he been in a love fest at jobs in jail. I mean so that means. He's had godless. Every job has body is cheating. The cine takes on a different dynamic at transit. Why because it's a huge responsibility. These folks driving away office affairs office affected too much in a damn. robbing trains. Buses collected money in the train. Track the curse out. There's a lot going on with this. I mean nothing. Short like every daily. Shaw goes to work. Because he's been over twenty years so there's a lot is this up to concentrate at the job itself to complete the tasks in ej have a lot to do and then it got love affair over here began. That's what happened sometime. Thanks sean sean. You got caught up in a love affair since you've been here by the way shine. Let's finish god. Bless you gotta cherie devoid is here. Hey girl in. Thanks for calling. Yesterday was a wonderful call. Young enough is in. What's up young. And i hate painting. Jackson is here. Hello dear good morning to you. Assan d is in the building. What's out in the sun and tell nina integrate we said hello. Hannah san's Autry ajc news here. Hello audrey alphonso tied. The third is in the building. Hello out founder. Over here in the watch party sean hayes jos. What's up girl. Good hills brian decides here. Hey brian don't be start and stuff it's morning. Hey ryan shouldn't be is in the building. Hello should make a good hangwringing. Mikhail farmer is in the building. What's up mickael hebei coining. John cochran is here. Hello john you guys. Make sure your download that fame radio app. Keep yourself listening to we. Go down here you can still hear. Yeah bam radio Chiran the downing. 'cause you're the chat room member of the week. Hey chat remember. Yeah hey girl. Join ray chat room of the week. Status halley rock just popping. Good morning omar johnson. And what's going on with you. He's in the party room. Mo- zack barnes is here. Hello zack the morning to you. Tune stacee jaxx saying the beautiful watson santee algal shepherdess. Hello wanda good morning. Kyw gonzales. what's up by. Herro debris tena graham is here. Hey tina mona beautiful shot. He is in the building. Good morning he'd how are you this morning Ceo s food fashion is here. Hello sam that you've never appreciate you watching. And how did you hear about show. Rock kane is in the building. What's that rocky and hello hello. Hello but godfather of solar tracy rates in the. Hey tracy good morning to you. j. j. caesar alcatraz is here. Hello jabe good morning and the who's are all the name. Oh michael grassy just popped in. Hello michael tiffany are doing all the net. Yeah that's all right now. You want to make sure you put your name for the next one. He says we truly appreciate it. We definitely wanna keep all of our listeners connected with us so make sure that you follow us on the page that we're broadcasting right. Now the sean harvey morning show featuring the team Business page make sure you like it and follow on facebook..

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