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And leave the rest two weeks week week service company coming out your faster commute from the Gulf coast windows dot com traffic center this report sponsored by half price books what's better than discovering the best books music and movies at half price books saving twenty percent and everything is fine this brought you through Monday get twenty percent off your entire H. P. B. hall at half price books in H. B. B. dot com your students news weather or traffic plus breaking news twenty four seven news radio seven forty KTRE and high powered radio station president trump tweets they are tracking closely tropical storm don't Dorian I'm Marjorie Martin it's nine thirty on newsradio seven forty K. Terry what traffic and weather together here's Julie de hearty they're having such a hard time getting these cars out of the middle of the roadway on the inbound side of the Katy freeway right around greenhouse there's still about a five minute delay coming in from about Mason if you're traveling there sixty nine has been rough all morning long we had this earlier accent right around chimney rock so it's still slow coming in from beltway eight all the way into six ten it's probably gonna take about fifteen minutes and then if you are two eighty eight north bound county road one oh one there's an axe in the left lane just a couple minutes delays you try to get around I'm Jim regarding the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center the weather channel forecast storms are likely this afternoon hi ninety six right now it's eighty five at the KTRE West Side northside lex's weather center it's nine thirty one our top story the president explained FEMA and all others are ready for hurricane Dorian tropical storm right now.

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