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Catch up later. There's a lot to listen to. So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. It's 6 28 traffic and weather together on the aids. Here's Neil fiorito. Well, my really not too bad across the roadways. They are wet and of course you're driving and getting all that salt splashed on your windshield, have plenty of fluid as you head out the door, always a good idea to keep that in your car too. If you can, along the Eisenhower, we're still a little heavy on the way out from an earlier crash from above our Harlem over to 9th avenue. If you're making your way around the near west side, you want to avoid Taylor near the Dan Ryan. That's a crash involving a semi and a closure in that area. Stick with Roosevelt along the Eden's no worries there on either side. The Kennedy a little bit slow inbound from nagel the central, a 25 minute ride coming in from O'Hare to downtown on the extension expect a little bit of a delay westbound as you're heading toward the terminals. Stevenson, not too bad, a little slow inbound approaching the Dan Ryan ramp and that's about it. On the Dan Ryan traffic looks pretty good back and forth between 95th and downtown. A good trip on I 57 and along the bishop Ford, usa Lake shore drive as well. Across the tollways, no major complaints, all 5 of them are moving along pretty nicely along I 80 through Joliet no issues, 80 94 east ball and Torrance earlier crash removed from the entrance ramp so you're moving well in that area now. From the metro traffic center, your next board at 6 38 is radio 105 9. Packing with a forecast for today, breezy and very mild with some early sunshine giving way to clouds, a little bit of drizzle of this afternoon, a high today of 54, then

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