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Licensed in all fifty states and MLS number thirty thirty Millfield temperature in midtown this morning. Twenty five degrees wins news time five forty eight. They used to be the bane of anybody. Trying to sit for a quiet dinner robo calls. These days there are nuisance on our cell phones. And New York lawmakers want finally hang up on them. New York state Senator brand Brad Holman of Manhattan tells ten ten wins. The federal government should have taken this issue on a long time ago and may have failed miserably. That's why so many of us are still getting calls on our cell phones on our landlines and making daily life nearly impossible New York lawmakers are now pushing a lot to outlaw the unwanted calls and impose strict fines on telemarketing companies as much as two thousand dollars per call. They say the federal telephone consumer Protection Act just hasn't protected consumers wins news time five. Forty nine about the flying public now as Boeing seven thirty-seven, max planes remain grounded, a Senate subcommittee investigates airline safety today. Here's Mark Remillard. The Senate transportation's aviation and space subcommittee said to hear from the NTSB department of transportation and the FAA as it probes commercial airline safety. The hearing comes following two deadly crashes of Boeing seven thirty-seven max aid planes, which has left the fleet of max planes, sitting on tarmacs nationwide, the F as acting administrator Daniel L, well is expected to testify and will likely be asked about reports that the FAA may have delegated some of its regulatory and certification duties to Boeing from Capitol Hill to the White House where President Trump today awards of posthumous medal of honor to staff sergeant Travis Atkins for conspicuous gallantry in Iraq in June of two thousand seven the thirty one year old from bozeman Montana died saving fellow soldiers from an Iraqi suicide bomber. Wins. News time five fifty here at home a different kind of danger at the tanning salon twenty two year old Jake Gabler Kaladze of wantagh who worked for beach. Bum tanning on Hempstead turnpike is facing charges for allegedly taping a woman customer while she was in a private tanning room. He's also now accused of doing the same thing at tanning salons in levittown Seaford, and also in plain view, I suppose it fake heiresses set to stand trial in the city today. Twenty-eight-year-old Anna Sorkin was jetsetter who claimed she was a German heiress and allegedly built friends banks and hotels to the tune of two hundred seventy five thousand dollars wins. News time five fifty one Wednesday morning to the ram trucks traffic center. Karen stewart?.

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