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Devastating news for the la chargers and this seems to happen to at least one team every year that somebody goes down without contact in a drill and their season is over and for the chargers if they're outstanding tight end hunter henry who they believe tornado during the first day of as in his right knee now getting a second opinion today but it sure looks like he is season is over before it even got started my guy who two years ago thirty six catches forty five last year obviously getting more targets at a point where antonio gates wasn't resigned this year now it looks like he may be as they've been in contact with him according to our matthew berry the preseason fantasy football rankings he's behind only gronkowski travis kelsey zakar four so he's a real up and coming guy young player good player that now got derailed right now and and listen this is the tough part of professional sports now you know what happens he goes into rehab and he gets forgot about crowd it's just it's what it it's it's not a pretty thing nobody enjoys it but you get coasted that's what happens out he ends up rehabbing on his own he can't help the team this year so it's like you move on and the the one if you can look at any part of a glass half full if it was going to happen to happen now fill the spot right whether it's an antonio gates or they go a different route someone who can get into that office familiarity doesn't happen in the in the beginning or middle of the season where you're like oh man one of our top guys boy we gotta fill that somehow someway they have time to fill it

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