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The seventies with some areas reaching eighty degrees tuesday through thursday partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of showers friday and saturday mostly clear skies highs in the sixties and seventies some clouds on sunday with highs in the low sixties traffic and weather together on the eight on all news one of six nine and am seven forty kcbs kcbs news time ten twenty as our newswatch continues so who caused the bay area's housing shortage that was the major question in a poll conducted in the south bay kcbs scotla terry has the details dino is president and ceo of the silicon valley leadership group between twenty ten and twenty sixteen in our reach we added twenty nine percent more jobs that's great it's led to an incredibly low unemployment rate not just intact but across industry at that same time we only added four percent or so in order to get a handle on who people blame for the housing shortage we wanted to almost ask eight blame game question all of us are frustrated with the high cost of homes and the lack of supply of homes so if you felt itself at someone's feet whose seat would it saw fully says was pretty much what silicon valley leaders expected they're going to blame developers they're gonna blame employers and they're going to blame local elected officials and in that order that's where people placed blame forty eight percent of those polled said tech companies were to blame fifty seven percent said developers are the major reason scott the terry kcbs kcbs news time ten twenty to the north bay wine industry is sharing some good news and some not so good news the good news the sixty thousand acres of seniors were pretty much unscathed by the tober wildfires kcbs curtis kim reports the not so good news the labor force us to harvest and tend.

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