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I just got even less excited for ocean date that was possible okay so ocean thirteen what was your bad that's my bed okay and what you will notice with some of these is they're all around kind of the same time period chip i talked about that but at the same time like these the movies that we were watching when they were coming out so i mean yeah i could pull some deep cuts of movies that came out a long time ago i'm not going to do that i think some mention should be made for like pink panther fish called wanda right you know those great older heist movies you know yeah well the the old pink panther yet not the ones with no martin and beyond saying how go those are rough have beguel so my my bad heist movie two thousand three directed by hoopla on undress bart cowie can you really go for the french today i think that is russian okay he has some z's jays and his name poland go take that whole there john yeah so directed by undress bar cow walk who you might remember oh yeah from two thousand five doom okay oh yeah yeah with the rock the rock yoga he did he was the director of free for speed so he hasn't a little bit sure stuff but the movie is two thousand three starring de mex and gently radel to the grave who okay so the reason this gets bad for the movie terrible but jet li in that period from i mean once upon a time in china got released in the us in the early nineties released in china way before that i sort of watching gently movies like middle school anything that he did he was like the sonic the hedgehog to jackie chan mario like the slightly new yeah like the edgier he's red he's cool on early two thousands i drink mountain dew and i do have this whole new fighting style wrote all the all new fighting style which was blue shoe which he was international champion at the age of eleven but i mean he had some chops yes yes he did.

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