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Laurie Metcalf, New York City, Porter Al Jones discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News


Time and we will give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good afternoon seventy six degrees at five forty I'm Laurie Metcalf and here's what's happening in less than three hours New York City will be under ninety three of the curfew and protesters are on the move this our our live coverage with ten ten winter Porter al Jones coming up in just a moment charges are upgraded against a now former cop seen kneeling on George Floyd's inactivity the evidence available to us now supports the stronger charge of second degree murder three other cops are charged with aiding and abetting murder the nation under way into Y. two cars on a train separated overnight at chambers street the entire R. one seventy nine fleet has been pulled from service adventure land on Long Island will be offering driving concerts first off Brooklyn's disco unlimited for a night of seventies dance sentiments accu weather says cloudy and sticky tonight with a chance of showers and strong thunderstorms low sixty eight humid it unsettled conditions with pop up thunderstorms will continue through Saturday with a break coming on Sunday and rodeo stocks take off in the open and hold gains to the close as traders weighed in on encouraging reading some jobs and services economy Dow up five hundred twenty seven Whitney's on five forty one for traffic and transit here's Greg right well let's give you the traffic sign of the demonstrations admin at Laurie anything like the Avenue at least part of them shot down through the thirties and forties on the west side of town.

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