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Noticed like a regular cinnamon in the feeling doesn't go all the way through. It's only by the eyes and mouth. Spine. It doesn't need to be all the way through. It doesn't need that extra I'm going to say it's not feeling. It's just on Tom Eisenmann author. I don't like that. Surprisingly I think I would like it even more without the CARAMEL. Caramel are the what is it Pumpkin? Filling? The just eight it's an away. is a weird tasting cookie. It's the weird like two soft cookie. It's like big Newton Shell if it were soft in that filled, it's chemically soft. I do like it. I thought it was like a caramel with pumpkin flavoring Okay. It's the texture of Karnal. That was a Pumpkin. Paste. Solid. I'm okay with being seasonal going away soon but for now. Yeah. What's next Brian? You enjoy this let's go with the cupcakes. ICED Pumpkin. cupcakes. So. Yeah. These have the typical hostess curl, but they have white frosting. The top of the curl is orange. And what appears to maybe be a PUMPKIN CAKE BASE And also, they are a smaller than normal cupcake. I think that this is the sounds of all the hostess ones. Early, this looks tiny to me by the two-pack. This is smaller than those. If you buy them in the big box, they seem to be about the size. Fair. Viner cupcakes lately. I always eat open up the middle see what it looks like. That really smells. Can. Spicy this is surprisingly good. I don't love like Pumpkin bread for this is uh, this is almost like a carrot cake pumpkin cake. The only thing I don't like about it is that. It's making my trust issues come up where keep expecting to have a bite full of reasons. Reasons. Wonder why they haven't done a carrot cake one. Because that would sell year round. When it though? Would I mean? Especially, if they could do a thicker cream cheese filling. I think this lighter cream in it with that top. This works surprisingly well especially after.

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