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Covers healthcare for huffpost and he joins me now in the studio jeff welcome back aita of what happened last night mike ian jerry moran came out against the bill but but they weren't alone no i mean so that made a total of four republican senators who were publicly opposed to voting to move this thing forward three of them from the conservative side and as you mentioned about moran and leave it it didn't do undo enough of the affordable care act and the fourth was susan collins from maine who more or less talked about you know all the many millions of people would have lost their insurance if they had made this thing law there were other republicans like dean heller from nevada at least murkowski from alaska who said similar things to what collins said but they never actually came out and said they vote against it is possibly revealing that the objections to this bill that sank it warrants about the twenty two million people who might lose insurance or the hired duct ables or people with preexisting conditions maybe being frozen out of the market again it was that those things didn't happen enough for a lotta senatorforlife centers but jeff let's let step back from the votes in what is going to be on the senate floor firm minute because this is a remark arco bowl republican moment i mentioned in the intrude there for how long republicans have been promising to repeal obamacare they've really made it the centre of their political existence for the last seven years in we're in a moment now it seems where clearly they can't put it together but even this latest version of the bill was trying to do some very on republican things they were leaving big tax increases in place to try to get votes they were.

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