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Birthday, the shooting happened overnight in south Fairmount on Hansard place. No arrests have been made. It's the ten th homicide in the city in less than three weeks. His is dead because she got into his drugs. Now, Anthony Worthington could be headed to prison today. Sentencing day for the Coleraine, father, who's admitted to charges of involuntary manslaughter and child and dangerous. Worthington star died of an overdose back in January at their home on Sweitzer Hof road. No idea yet on the victim and a head on crash in Coleraine last night. Happened on Ronald Reagan highway was shutdown between Coleraine and blue rock for several hours overnight, as police investigated that accident Duke Energy to hold a public hearing tonight doing over plans for a new substation and the installation. Of new transmission lines in Boone, Kelly, people have questions about the working get answers from four to seven and Florence, Christian church on main street. There's a couple of different routes that they're looking for this project, we may be able to use it again, in about a month plans finalized down to reopen, the historic suspension bridge by the end of July both put an auto traffic will be able to move across the one hundred fifty two year old bridge again, as he Kentucky transportation, cabinet has approved a temporary fix after falling sandstone from the north tower forced to close your on April. Seventeen Nancy would public information officer for the transportation cabinet said installation, the netting on that tower will begin soon. Getting a notice to proceed, which we expect that next few days, the contractor, can produce and install the netting, and they have at least four weeks to, to do all that. Since the closure of the west side, pedestrian walkway has remained open. There is a restoration project currently in the design phase. It's expected to start next spring. I'm Sean Gallagher NewsRadio seven hundred wwl. W.

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