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The dodgers. Magic is the perfect magic. He sits in the stands. He's funny. He goes on pre game shows. Everybody likes him he connects people. I mean, like, he's he's like a human Lincoln. He's like a human Facebook. I mean, he just connects people. That's what he does. Like magic is offended. If you don't come to him when you move to Los Angeles. And you don't come to magic and say, hey, can you help me? Magic's offended. He is Lincoln. He is Facebook. That's why he's great. With a big old smile in a big warm hug, but this jobs for grinders this this is a grind job. And magic admitted it I wanna be magic. Then Gobi magic. We love that magic. Let's not mess with that. Magic that. Magic's awesome team president magic never fed. And he admitted it there. Let me shift to this. Jeanie Buss now, she's the owner of the Lakers for those who don't know her father, the late great of Jerry Buss on the Lakers. And then got some kids. Jim genie. Genie's always been like operation side. Right. Not the basketball hoop side. She hires people for that very well liked lot of energy universally liked good person. But this I don't like. After magic bailed didn't give her a heads up. She ran to Twitter and said Irvine, I love working side by side with you. You've brought us a long way we will continue the journey. We love you part emoji heart emoji. No, stop no known that. That's not the time for heart emojis. I need grownup genie. I need hard ass genie..

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